“Very considerate and friendly”

“Great trip information and deals! Joel is very considerate and friendly and even asks if you’re finding the information helpful and want to continue receiving it… no other web page has ever done that for me before!” Klaudia Palcynska

“Best membership fee I pay”

“I honestly never thought you could leave the country without spending at least $1k-$1500 on a flight alone. I’m doing an 11 day trip to Colombia that will only cost $700 for flight & lodging, and JGOOT found it for me. Best membership fee I pay.” Graham Ahner    

Southwest ups signup bonus – making companion pass an easy possibility

[Please note: Southwest changed their terms, and signing up for two different credit cards is no longer allowed.  They also reduced their signup bonus to $40k.] A good friend shared this in our premium member area, and since the last time this happened, it only lasted a couple days, I wanted to share. After all […]

Verifying The Fares I Publish

Getting to champagne destinations on beer budgets

A lot of people express an interest in places like Budapest, Morocco, Maldives, Bali, and sure – I post great deals that fly directly there. But Daniel – our most veteran JGOOT traveler – shared a tip in our private Facebook group that I had to repeat.  (If you haven’t read Daniel’s story, it’s quite inspiring […]

Changing dates I found

Testimonial from a premium subscriber

Marrying beer budgets and champagne tastes when traveling

I don’t know about you & your travel partner, but when it comes to travel, my wife’s & my preferences are like oil & water. (Or better yet – I have a beer budget, and she has champagne taste. I like to go where the deal takes me so I can travel two or three […]

What is a JGOOT “Flexibility Score?”

Every post I add to the site has a flexibility score between 1 and 5. Flexibility scores are designed to help you quickly determine: How easy it will be to find alternate dates for the fare I found How quickly you should act on the fares. Flexibility Score: 1/5 A trip with a flexibility score […]

CA residents get free companion pass through end of 2019

I just found out that Southwest recently had a sale and California residents can not only get 40,000 free miles for spending $1000 on a Southwest credit card, but on top of that… California residents qualify for a free companion pass with very first purchase and that pass will be good for unlimited use through […]

Why are your trips never available?

Although mistake fares do disappear within days after I share them, when I get told the fare I sent that day doesn’t exist, it’s actually still available 9 out of 10 times I go to check. There are several reasons a fare might not appear to be available when they still are. Here are several […]