Why I don’t book or research trips to specific places

When it comes to finding trips to the specific location you’re looking for, I’ve got good news & bad news.

  • Let’s start with the bad: 
    • If you’re looking for a specific destination at a specific time and don’t have flexibility on either- the odds of finding a good deal on my site are slim-to-none and you’d be better off calling a travel agent, or using the major travel search engine of your choice.
    • Contrary to popular belief, I am not a travel agent and do not have the capability of researching specific trips for individual requests.
    • I’m also not a travel search engine. I only post about .1% of all trips out there. (One tenth of one percent.)
    • I don’t have the capability of watching for certain areas for certain people. (There are free websites out there that do a great job at that.)
  • The good:
    • If you have any flexibility in your travel plans whatsoever, I’m confident the .1% of the trips I do post to the site will be the best price you’ve ever seen.
    • Because I search every day, even if deals I’ve found in the past have sold out, the odds of similar deals coming up again in the near future are very good.
    • Any trips not on my site are probably too expensive to be worthy of being labeled a “JGOOT good deal.”  For those trips, I keep a stockpile of frequent flyer points. Instead of paying more for those trips, I pay about 98% less – and I teach all premium members how to do the same. (Here are a few of those tips.)

Plan on opening my email every morning around 8:30, and you’re bound to eventually find something.  (Don’t have that level of patience? Click here to upgrade your subscription. You’ll have 5 to 7 times as many deals to choose from every day.)

Still have questions? 95 out of 100 questions I get asked are the same, and I’ve answered them all right here.

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    • Joel
      Joel says:

      I publish Orlando fares to the premium site on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the free site is just a small sampling of premium posts, so I wouldn’t advise holding my breath on that one location.

      Two other options that don’t require a premium membership:
      1) Get a Southwest card & spend $2000 on it. (You can stretch the 50,000 points they’ll give farther than just about any airline.) More details here: https://justgetoutoftown.com/blog/southwest-ups-signup-bonus-making-companion-pass-easy-possibility/

      2) Set up a free fare-watch from your city to Orlando with any of the major travel sites. (They all offer them, and honestly – if you’ve got your sights set on one specific location at a specific time, they’ll be better than my service anyway.)

    • Joel
      Joel says:

      Lima, yes. Regularly. I can’t think of whether I’ve found for Cusco, but any time it dips under about $700, I definitely share it with my subscribers.

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