Faking it

My divorce was final. I was committed to a hefty, non-modifiable, alimony payment for the next four years. Then I lost a client that represented about 90% of my income. I was not just screwed… I was 1000% more screwed than I was just a month before. I hustled twice as hard and slashed rates […]

$90 purchase that can earn points worth $100 to $2000

Remember the guy who earned over a million miles by buying 12,000 pudding cups? This hack might not get you 1.2 million miles, but it will get you nearly 10,000, and it’s a LOT easier. And before you turn your nose up at 10,000 points that most people only know how to redeem for a […]

The “Hail Mary” method of travel

In football – a “Hail Mary” is a desperation-play at the end of a game.  Although it’s great on the rare occasion it works, it’s rarely successful. Unfortunately, most people rely on “Hail Mary” methods with their travels. They wait until a month or two before a trip, they search unsuccessfully for days and reach […]

Squish Like Grape

Remember this scene from Karate kid?   Walk right side road – Safe. Walk left side road – Safe. Walk middle of road – sooner or later… Squish like grape. Want to find a pretty good deal every once in a while? Stick to the right side of the road & go to kayak.com or […]

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

So I’ll admit I can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube at all. My husband claims he’s been trying to solve the same one since high school and that was 30 years ago! If I concentrate really, really hard I can, on occasion, solve one side. But that’s it. My personal best. One side.  My son, John […]

Take our 30-day challenge & get $300 toward your travels

Have you taken our 30-day challenge?  It takes as little as 30 seconds a day, and when you complete it – you’ll receive this savings card (which happens to be worth more than double the cost of your JGOOT subscription.) As you (hopefully) know – there are only two simple rules to “The JGOOT Way” […]

Webinar recording: How to turn Chase Sapphire Preferred’s Signup bonus into $1000 to $15,000 in travel benefits

Ever feel like the airlines have a gun to your head when you NEED to fly somewhere? Here’s a guaranteed method to turn the tables on them. Don’t want to watch the whole 60 minutes? Click here to read a summary in another blog post. Click on any link below for highlights of the video […]

Chase Sapphire: 80,000 point signup bonus

Chase Sapphire Preferred has some of the most valuable and most diverse points in the industry – and they’re currently offering an 80,000 point signup bonus. If you haven’t explored the world of point-hacking, this is a great way to start. For simply signing up, paying the $95 annual fee, and spending $4000 with this […]

7 quick-and-easy trip customizations

Have you ever decided to research a trip and been disappointed at the price? So you play with different options to see if you can get the price down, right? Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. Well researching a JGOOT trip-alert is the same thing, except instead of trying to whittle the price […]