Want to travel like no one else?

Stop searching for trips like everyone else.

If you ask yourself about your travels over the past year

Did you get out of town as often as you'd like to?

Were you happy with the prices you paid for your trips?

How much time did you waste searching for a good price?

The Good News

Flights at 50% to 90% off happen every day.

They're right there on the internet on sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and directly on the airline websites themselves.

They're to destinations all over the world, they're often direct flights, and they're 1 to 10 months in advance so you have plenty of time to snatch them up, and plan your schedule around them.

The best part?

When you stop unnecessarily wasting so much money on expensive airfare - you can spend your precious travel budget on things that matter.

Things like nicer accommodations, more exotic locations, more activities, or best of all... better seats on the plane.

And when you play your cards just right...

You can get ALL of the above for less than what most people pay for a single coach seat on the same plane!

The Bad News

50% to 90% off flights are buried among millions of other choices, and since the major travel sites are on commission - they're not going to go out of their way to let you know about them.

They know that there are only a handful of seats at those prices, they will only last a few days, and if you don't happen to be looking that day - you'll eventually pay what everyone else pays the majority of the time.

If you want to find these kinds of deals yourself, you have to spend hours searching for them day in, and day out.

No one should have to do that much work

That's why we designed JGOOT.

We do all of the looking for you - 7 days a week.

For as little as 26¢ per day, you can review our hours of hard work over your morning coffee.

When a trip fits your schedule, you snatch it up before someone else does, and book it directly with the airline with little to no hassle.

How Our Service Works

  • Never last-minute fares
  • Family-Friendly (Many trips when kids are out of class)
  • Adjustable dates.
  • Book directly with airline or major travel site of your choice.
  • Useful for 1 to 6 travelers
  • Optionally bundle flights with lodging and save even more!
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    As a travel-obsessed parent and teacher, I am thrilled that we can plan around school breaks. We found such a great deal over the Winter Break holidays - that we took the grandparents too!

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Just Get Out Of Town - Terms Of Service

About our service:
Justgetoutoftown.com’s premium trip-alert service is a paid subscription-based service.  We are not travel agents, and we don’t look up customized trips for subscribers. We email 3 to 5 daily opportunities of flights and flight+hotel combinations we have determined to be a minimum of 50% to 90% below market value.

Most trips are 1 to 9 months in advance, leaving subscribers plenty of time to plan around those trips. They take no more than a minute a day to review, and when you see one you like you can book directly with the airline or travel site of your choice with no fee or commission due to us.

Cancel Any Time Policy:
You can cancel your subscription by sending an email to “[email protected]“. We will cancel your subscription and send a confirmation email by the next business day. (If you are with Paypal, please be sure to let us know if you use a different address for your Paypal account.)

30-day money-back guarantee:
Your first 30 days as a premium subscriber are protected by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

If you decide our service is not a fit for you during the first 30 days of your subscription, send us an email us at “[email protected]” and include that you would like a refund in your cancelation email.  Your request will be considered delivered immediately, and we will issue a refund by the next business day.

(All we ask is that you give “The JGOOT Way” a fair chance and open your daily trip-alerts for at least a few weeks. Finding deals at 50% to 90% below market value is a marathon, not a sprint.)

“Oops, I forgot to cancel” policy:
We realize life can get busy, and you might not get around to canceling your subscription.

If you see a credit card or Paypal charge from us but didn’t want to renew your subscription, you have 30 full days after ANY subscription renewal to cancel and request a refund for that most recent charge. Just send an email to “[email protected]”, and we’ll handle it by the next business day.

If we screw up, we’ll send you a discount card worth $300:
If you ever get accidentally charged after you requested cancelation, forward a copy of your initial cancelation request, and we’ll promptly refund any/all charges since that initial request. (We’ll also send a $300 travel discount card as a way of saying “sorry for the inconvenience!”.)

Auto-renewal until you cancel your subscription:
Unless you paid for a lifetime membership, your subscription will auto-renew at the intervals described on your signup page, and the receipt you’ll receive upon signing up.

All cancel or refund requests must be in writing, and can be sent to “[email protected]