In 2006, I owned a 70-person thriving real estate company and we built a waterfront dream home in a gated golf community. By 2010, we lost everything including my company, my house, my life savings, and by 2012 – my first marriage.

After a long period of feeling sorry for myself, I came across an old scrapbook. In it were hundreds of pictures of me & my kids visiting family and places all around the world.

The bank may have emptied the bank accounts and I may have had to start over financially, but no one could ever take those memories away.  At that moment – I decided that the more I traveled, the more “non-foreclosable memories” I could build to get me through future tough times.

From then on, instead of working ridiculous hours and missing out on life in the process – I decided to travel twice as often.

Now (after travel helped me become a whole person again) I am happily re-married to an amazing woman who shares my passion for travel, my kids have two very healthy households, and regardless of my job status or income, I’ll never give up visiting friends, family, and new places all around the world. All because I’ve figured out how to do it for a fraction of the price that most people pay.

  • The more friends & places I visit, the happier I feel.  
  • The happier I feel, the less I worry about what I don’t have.
  • The less I worry, the more productive work is.
  • The more productive work is…

You get the idea.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because travel has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have predicted and I will emphatically share my passion for travel with anyone who will listen.

  • Being a travel agent would not allow me to help enough people, so I started this blog to share tips on how my family and I travel for 1/10th of what most people pay for travel.
  • People said the tips I shared took too much work, so I started a service that does it for them.

I can’t do anything about how busy your life is, and how much (or how little) room you make in your life for travel…

But I CAN share travel deals so affordable – that “cost” should no longer be an excuse for not just getting out of town more often.

Finding these trips is very time consuming, and they’re almost always limited to 4 to 8 seats, so it is a paid service. But trust me – your investment in a JGOOT premium subscription is a tiny fraction of the commissions rolled into the “free” trips most travel sites and travel agents find for you.


Joel McDonald
Curing workaholism one affordable trip at a time