A (very) personal note from our founder

It was a sad day in April of 2009.

In 2006, we built the house of our dreams. By 2009, I lost everything including my company, my house, my life savings, and eventually my first marriage.

After a long period of feeling sorry for myself, I did a software update on my computer and an old screensaver started playing. I saw hundreds of pictures of me & my kids visiting family and places all around the world, and I realized something…

The bank may have emptied my bank accounts and I may have had to start over financially, but no one could ever take those memories away.  

From then on, instead of working ridiculous hours and missing out on life in the process – I doubled-down on my vacation budget.

Fast forward 7 years: Now, I am happily re-married to an amazing woman who shares my passion for travel, my kids have two very healthy households, and regardless of my job status or income, I’ll never give up visiting friends, family, and new places all around the world.

The more trips I take, the happier I feel.  The happier I feel, the less I worry about what I don’t have. The less I worry, the easier work is. The easier work is… You get the picture.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because every time I come back from a trip, I constantly hear from friends & family about how wonderful it will be when they have the time and money to travel more.

  1. I can’t do anything about the time you decide to make for travel.
  2. I can, however, share cheap fares that I find that are just tempting enough that you get to take one more trip this year than you were planning on taking.

My hope is that once you find a trip enticing enough to address #2, #1 will take care of itself from then on. (I know it did for me.)

Whether you join us as a free subscriber, or a premium subscriber, I can’t wait to share my passion for travel with you.


Joel McDonald
Curing workaholism one affordable trip at a time