A lot of subscribers ask if there is a fee for this service.

Your free subscription is simply a free sample of what you get as a premium subscriber.  If you see a trip you like in the free member’s area, book it with no strings attached.

Although you are welcome to remain a free subscriber as long as you like, here are a few benefits of becoming a premium member:

  1. 6 to 8 times as many trips to choose from
  2. 57 searchable types of trips under the categories of “When,What, Where, How Much, and How Long”
  3. Family-friendly trips when kids are out of school
  4. Trips over weekends & holidays that allow you to preserve vacation days
  5. Airfares take longer to sell out because you’re not competing over the same trips with tens of thousands of other free subscribers in your area who get the same trip alerts that you receive.

Choose the territory that interests you for more details about becoming a premium subscriber:

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