How to book a trip

Another question I get all the time is “How do I book a trip?”

You can book any trip I send directly online through the site of your choice.

If you’re just looking for a flight, click the “Verify fares” link, choose your desired flight time, and book it directly with the OTA of your choice. (If the fare is no longer available, we provide convenient links that enable you to quickly see what other dates you can find that price. (Click here for more info on finding alternate trip dates.)

If you’re looking for a package, click a “flight plus hotel” link & choose the flight time you want. After that, I sort hotel options by price. Simply scroll down until you find a hotel you like and book your trip directly with that OTA.


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  1. Annetta Pearson
    Annetta Pearson says:

    When I saw a good Fair on your email, I clicked the link and was sent to a multi online travel agent list. Orbitz kayak Etc. When I clicked those they gave me flights that were nowhere near the same price as you listed. Why?

    • Joel
      Joel says:

      The problem with finding mistake fares is that they rarely last long. Almost all fares I share go back up after the airlines sell a certain amount of seats at that price. Some last weeks. Some last days. Some (Like the $500 fares I found today to NZ) only last hours.

      Also check my post about Flexibility score and finding alternate dates when fares go back up. (You can usually find other dates.)

      If not, I check every day and I verify availability before publishing. There’ll be plenty more. 🙂

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