Some words about JGOOT from a pilot

“Sometimes you have to lead the horse to water to get him to drink – or so I’ve heard. 
JGOOT brings the water to you – or should I say the vacation deals that are so ridiculous that it’s almost unheard of.  I have a pretty acute issue for wanderlust but navigating all of the travel sites, air fares and other means necessary to book a trip is drudgery to myself.   The next question is – where should I go?  That’s even harder to pick a spot to travel to AND find a deal to go there. 
JGOOT fixes so many of those issues.  Each day you get this amazing assortment of very tempting opportunities dropped into your inbox.  Ooo – I want to go there – or there or OH MY GOD THERE!!  The reaction to reach for your wallet is visceral and almost involuntary because the opportunities seem so unrealistic (they aren’t – they are real).
I rather like the method of delivery of the emails and it is sort of candy for my daily motivation for work.  I work to play and these goals dropping into my email box provide enough motivation to work towards these goals. 
The fortunate part is you don’t have to work long (or very hard) to reach the goals of having enough cash to make some of these treks.  Less than $50 for many places in the states, less than $300 for many international locations.  And I’m not talking about “Canada or Mexico” being international – I’m talking about the Far East and/or Europe.  It’s crazy I know – but what better way to scratch that itch? 
Sign up now. You won’t be sorry!”
A happy traveler
Brian Garrett