How to change dates
The dates I share with you are just the dates I found the absolute lowest fare and package price, but you are welcome to change the dates however you like.

Just click the “Look for alternate dates” link on the website and you’ll quickly see how easily you’ll be able to find similar fares.

Airline Sales
When looking for alternate dates, you’ll sometimes find plenty of alternate dates at the same price we found.  (Click the image to the right and notice all of the green fares with very similar prices.)

These are usually a result of an airline sale and you should be able to adjust travel dates entirely to find a time that works for you and still get a very low fare.

Not only can you “tweak” the dates I suggested, but you can probably look find similar fares during entirely different weeks or months.

This is an example of a Flexibility score of 4/5. Click here for more details about Flexibility scores.

Glitches in the algorithm
If your results look like the example to the right, that’s what I specialize in finding. I call them “glitches in the algorithm”. They are a result of airlines not being able to accurately manage the billions of different flight options they have every day, and they almost always represent even better deals than airline sales.

Unfortunately, there are two downsides to these types of fares:

  1. There is very little flexibility on dates you can get that fare. You could certainly try, but it’s doubtful you’ll find many other options at that price.
  2. There are usually only a handful of seats available at that price and as soon as those seats sell, the prices almost always go back up. In these cases, I’d recommend hurrying up and booking the trip on the OTA of your choice.

This is an example of a Flexibility score of 1/5. Click here for more details about Flexibility scores.

Not all is lost:

Although we provide 49 combinations of dates, that’s only the few days surrounding the dates we found that specific fare.  If you REALLY want to go on that trip, you can also check out Google Flights to see if there are any alternate dates available.

Please note that all of the package prices and lodging resources on our website assume you travel on the dates we suggest, but the same thing goes for those links: It’s easy to change the dates & see how that impacts your package price.

If you have further questions about finding dates that work for you, feel free to add them in the comments below.  Sometimes, I even give away free memberships for active participants, so please… Ask away!