I messed up on a premium subscriber’s billing and offered a refund when I caught it.  I couldn’t help but share his response.

Needless to say, he got hooked, and I can’t wait to follow his travels on his Facebook page.

Hey Joel,

I look forward to your emails and Facebook messages every single day. This refund bul$#it only made me fall completely in love with you. That said, kiss my ass. Take my money dude. I love you. You have changed my dumb life.
A little about my story. I had the big house in Highlands Ranch with a wife that I made lots of mistakes with. Now it’s her big house.  I was broke as broke can be for a decade or two. Finally the ex is paid off.
So. I paid off the ex wife. I sat on the porch in the summer and fall. I wondered what your deal was. You’re so honest about not promising anything, just providing information. You are singularly the reason my life had changed. I don’t know you and I wasn’t sure you were even a real guy, or whatever.
You are the singular dude that has changed my life. I’ve been to Bogota, Medellin, Brussels, Bruges, Ostend, Ghent, Amsterdam, a few towns in northern France, Puerto Vallarta, Salulita, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw.
These days I’ve got the best girlfriend a dumb guy could ask for. She’s been here for 13 years. Speaks five languages, has three degrees. Two masters. I’m a f#%&ing idiot that talked a banker into a few buildings. Oh, and she’s a “10” in every way, I am not a “10”. I saw your gal, you get it. You’re a lucky guy.
Please… Reverse the refund and take my money. Every year. If you succeed, I succeed.
Joel, take as much money as you want. Whatever you take isn’t enough. You could knock on my front door and tell me I owe you more. It’s yours. You are the single damn mfer that has made this happen. The stuff you provide might be fairly commercially available, but I don’t have the wherewithal or time to find it. I’m happy to pay your premium membership.
You can use any single word I say, commercially. It’s yours. More importantly, I’d like to take you and your gorgeous wife out to dinner when you have a chance. I have zero secrets, you may publish my name, number, email. If anyone doubts, I’ll sing the appropriate praises.
Thanks Joel.
Daniel Streske
[You can click here to follow Daniel’s travels on his Facebook page. If you want his email & phone number, reply to me (Joel) and I’ll forward to you.]

Daniel followed up with this:

I had a few beers in me when I wrote that email to Joel, but I stand by the fact that his site has simply changed my life. If you have the slightest bit of flexibility, his site is unreal and has more to offer than any other travel site I’ve found.

The cities I’ve visited, because of this guy… Bogota, Medellin, Miami, Chicago, Brussels, Rotterdam, Bruges, Ostend, Amsterdam, and northern France, Prague, Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, Budapest, Vienna, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico city, and soon to be Cancun (for $154 per person.) Specifically because of Joel.

Any questions I’ll post my itinerary. He doesn’t ever bs about anything, just gives you the tools. The premium members really do get a bunch more alerts, than the freebies (and you get them a day earlier).

Pay the guy for the premium, if you have the wanderlust like I do. You will Thank him.