I work at home and am on my computer 90% of the time.

Most of my clients are 2 to 7 hours ahead of me so I start early, and rarely shower until late afternoon.

I also watch embarrassing volumes of movies & shows on Netflix while doing the tedious parts of my job (and there are a lot).

The awkward moment:
We recently moved, and my house cleaner couldn’t stop complimenting me on our new house. As she was dusting off a bunch of our travel pictures, she finally awkwardly asked the real question she was wondering:  “What does your wife do?”  (In other words – “How does a bum like you who does nothing but sit at home tinkering on his computer as he watches Netflix all day afford this house and travel like you do?”)

The funny thing is – our travels aren’t even all that exotic compared to most of my traveling friends (and many of my subscribers).
People make assumptions about people who travel regularly, and those assumptions are what will make life easier for you. (Not the hard work you think you need to put in before you deserve your next trip.)
  • Travel more and watch how much more interested people are in you at parties or around the water cooler.
  • Travel more and observe how you get more done at work – not less.
  • Travel more and watch how much more easily job promotions happen.
  • Travel more and watch how your perspective on things that used to bother you so much – now just roll off your shoulders like water on a duck’s feathers
  • Most importantly: Travel more and create memories the bank, the stock market, or your ex can never take away – no matter how hard they try.