Why do I have to stay x days?

Although I include suggested dates in all of my trip updates, you can always shorten, lengthen, or change the dates of your trip entirely.

The best way to tell how easy it will be to find alternate dates at a similar price to what I found is to take a look at my “flexibility score.”

  • If I’ve listed a flexibility score of 3/5 or higher, you should easily be able to find plenty of similarly priced options.
  • When I’ve listed a flexibility score of 2/5 or lower, you won’t have a ton of other options. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a similar fare on other dates. It just might take a bit of extra digging.
    • Tip: When looking for entirely different dates than the dates I found, try looking for the same days on different weeks, and use Google Flight’s or Kayak’s “flexible search” feature.

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