Getting to champagne destinations on beer budgets

A lot of people express an interest in places like Budapest, Morocco, Maldives, Bali, and sure – I post great deals that fly directly there. But Daniel – our most veteran JGOOT traveler – shared a tip in our private Facebook group that I had to repeat.  (If you haven’t read Daniel’s story, it’s quite inspiring […]

Changing dates I found

Testimonial from a premium subscriber

Marrying beer budgets and champagne tastes when traveling

I don’t know about you & your travel partner, but when it comes to travel, my wife’s & my preferences are like oil & water. (Or better yet – I have a beer budget, and she has champagne taste. I like to go where the deal takes me so I can travel two or three […]

What is a JGOOT “Flexibility Score?”

Every post I add to the site has a flexibility score between 1 and 5. Flexibility scores are designed to help you quickly determine: How easy it will be to find alternate dates for the fare I found How quickly you should act on the fares. Flexibility Score: 1/5 A trip with a flexibility score […]

CA residents get free companion pass through end of 2019

I just found out that Southwest recently had a sale and California residents can not only get 40,000 free miles for spending $1000 on a Southwest credit card, but on top of that… California residents qualify for a free companion pass with very first purchase and that pass will be good for unlimited use through […]

Why are your trips always sold out?

Admittedly – most of the trips we share on our site only have 2 to 20 seats at that price and they go quickly, but 9 out of 10 times I get told a fare isn’t available – it still is when I go to check myself. Here are several troubleshooting tips to make sure […]


People don’t travel as a result of their success… They’re successful as a result of their travels. If you’re a workaholic like me, travel is a great way to force yourself to take that time off – even when your instinct tells you that you’re supposed to be working harder. –Joel

“I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence”

I just got back from a weekend trip to Indiana with friends. What’s there to do in a small town an hour North of Indiana in the middle of November? Nothing at all. But we found $77 round-trip flights, and we decided to get four couples together and just hang out at our friends Mark […]

Why do I have to pay you to see details of these trips?

As much as I wish I could get paid “on the back end” like a travel agent, these trips are so deeply discounted – they don’t pay commissions. Adding a commission on the back end of trips you book through me would make them exponentially more expensive.   Besides, if I spent all of my time […]

Giving Back

Click here for full writeup by reporter Shawn Chitnis Everyone deserves a vacation every once in a while, but the ones who deserve it most usually get to travel the least. At JGOOT, for every premium premium subscription purchased, a community servant is given a premium subscription for free. When you join as a premium […]