5 most asked questions about JGOOT

Your latest trip alerts are at the bottom of this page, but before you check them out, I thought these FAQs might be helpful. If any resemble questions you’ve got going on in your head, click for more details.

  1. What’s the catch?
  2. Is there a fee for this service?
  3. Can you look into a trip to [insert city here] for me?
  4. Do I have to go on the dates you suggest?
  5. How do I book a trip?
  6. How do I find out more about your “giving back” program for teachers/first-responders/people who work for non-profits?

All other FAQs

If you send an email asking one of the above questions, I apologize in advance as I probably won’t have time to respond.  As an incentive to read the above FAQs, I have peppered various incentives around the site.  If you can find any of them, I’ll give you a 3-month premium JGOOT membership (worth $47) – for FREE.

So read through the my FAQs and try to find a “hidden treasure” that might be conspicuously hidden somewhere in my site. Be the first to email me the secret code, and I’ll show my appreciation by giving you a 3 month premium membership and add your name to the list of prize winners below.

“Hidden Treasure” will be randomly placed on the site a minimum of once per week and will look something like this.

Happy travels!


Required fine print:

  • Offer limited to the first person to email the relevant code.
  • This offer is available to subscribers who have not yet joined as premium members.
  • Premium members will be credited a free custom search instead (valued at $99).

Winners so far:

  • Carlos Frietas – Indanapolis, IN
  • Camille Bustalinio – Brisbane, CA
  • Matthew Dello Russo – Orange County, CA
  • Tulay Urganci – New York, NY
  • Aaron Johnson – Denver, CO
  • Paula Clark – Raleigh, NC

As promised, links your free trip alerts are below: