If it weren’t for Julianne’s friend George spontaneously flying into town to save the day at the end of “My best friend’s wedding”, it would have been a very mediocre movie.

But the final two scenes are well worth the watch. (This is one of them.)

Those types of grand gestures make for a great movie scene, but in real life finances get in the way of making them a reality more often than not.  Especially when they’re last minute.


What if they weren’t expensive at all?

As a result of signing up for one credit card, I was able to:

  1. Book 2 last minute flights to be at a friend’s funeral that normally might have been cost prohibitive
  2. Book 4 spontaneous flights to fly our family to Ohio and spend 4 days at one of the coolest amusement parks in the country with their cousins.

Total cost of those 6 spontaneous flights: $68 (Not each… Total.) Had we paid cash for those flights it would have been about $1800.

There’s nothing like having a friend or family member call about something important/exciting, and being able to tell them 20 minutes later that you’ve got your flight booked.

The secret to being able to do that without being independently wealthy:

  • Sign up for one credit card with an attractive signup bonus, spend the minimum amount, pay it off, and throw it in a drawer, never to think about it again.
  • Use the 40,000 or 50,000 points for something fun & spontaneous.

If you liked the process, try it again.

If not – shred the card and go back to your old way of paying for stuff. It’s not like you turned your life upside down to experiment with the idea.

Happy Travels!


PS – I mentioned that the final two scenes were what made the whole movie. Here is the other one.