“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is a cheesy romantic comedy that I could have just as well fast-forwarded all the way to the last two scenes.

But the last two scenes made the whole movie worth while.

If you’ve read my personal story, you know how my screensaver (full of pictures of me and family on trips and vacations) was there for me during some rough times, and changed my perspective on life.

So, in the spirit of Julia Roberts to her best friend on his wedding day… If you have been putting travel off for too long, have some photos I’ve taken “on loan” until you can collect new travel photos of your own.

PS – You just watched the 2nd best scene of the movie.

I wrote about the first best scene here.

Want help creating more fun (and affordable) travel pictures of your own for your screensaver?
Click here.

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  1. Corrina
    Corrina says:

    Those are amazing. Thanks. Where is that farm for July 4th. That’s our next trip but no plans yet. Love seeing fireworks from a distance.

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