950 out of 1000 questions asked…

For every 1000 emails I get from JGOOT subscribers, about 980 of them ask me one of the five questions below.

If you ever send me an email or message asking one of the questions below, I apologize in advance for not being able to respond individually, but I have done my best to answer it here.

  1. “Aren’t these deals publicly available on the internet? Why do I have to pay you to see details?” Fair enough. Here’s why.
  2. “Can you find me a trip to [insert_destination] on [insert date range]?” I wish I could, but I can’t. Here’s why.
  3. “Your site doesn’t work because I can’t go on the dates you suggest.” You don’t ever have to go on the dates I suggest. Here’s why.
  4. “There must be a catch to this free service… What is it?” Nope. No catch. Here’s why.
  5. “Why is it that every time I check fares, they aren’t what you said they’d be?” Click here for more details.

Still have questions? Dozens of other answers to common questions about both my free and my premium service can be found here.