Why do I have to pay you to see details of these trips?

As much as I wish I could get paid “on the back end” like a travel agent, these trips are so deeply discounted – they don’t pay commissions. Adding a commission on the back end of trips you book through me would make them exponentially more expensive.   Besides, if I spent all of my time booking custom trips as a traditional travel agent, I wouldn’t have the time to actually find these amazingly affordable deals.

As a free JGOOT subscriber, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction after my paid subscribers get a first crack at them. With a little digging and internet savvy, you can find them yourself without ever paying me a dime. (You can also read dozens of free tips on my blog on how to find mind-bogglingly cheap fares yourself.)

If you’d rather not do all of that work, you can pay me as little as 26 cents per day, and I’ll make finding the best travel deals on the internet infinitely easier for you. Details here.