Below are 5 foundational rules I try to follow with every trip I take, and it saves me four to five figures every year in travel expenses.

These 5 principles apply to any trip you take – whether you find it through JGOOT, or any other service. I don’t care what dates you’re planning on traveling, or what destination you’re planning on going to – applying the 5 rules below will easily save you 40% to 99% compared to what “average Joes” are paying for their vacations.

Whether you’re a travel junkie who will turn your savings into more trips, or you’re an infrequent traveler looking to take a long-overdue vacation, I hope they help you to Just Get Out Of Town.

  • Always look at airfare and lodging costs (even if you have a free place to stay). More details.

  • Look every day. More details

  • Always have an emergency stash of at least 50,000 frequent flyer miles. More details

Questions or suggestions? I welcome you comments below.