This site is not for you if…

Actual screenshot of a text from a subscriber

Actual screenshot of a text from a subscriber

Yesterday, I got a text from one of my subscribers, Brooke Merkle, while she was on vacation.  When CBS News profiled her less than a year ago, she had taken her family on 3 JGOOT-inspired trips, and was going on her fourth trip to Hawaii. She’s now gone on ten JGOOT trips total and she’s not even the record-holder! (To my knowledge, that would be Daniel Streske – who has been on more adventures than he can count since becoming a JGOOT subscriber.)

Granted, Brooke is a teacher, and she gets out of town more than most of us because her husband has a flexible schedule and they travel just about every time she and her kids have a school break…

And Daniel works hard 4 months a year, and plays hard 8 months a year…

Both have the ability to travel more than most of us.


Brooke & Daniel’s schedules aren’t the primary reason they are both traveling more than they used to.

  • The reason Brooke, Daniel, and so many other JGOOT subscribers are now traveling more is because they no longer occasionally look for a vacation, painting themselves into a corner asking something like “What will it cost to go to Cabo for Spring Break?”
  • Instead, they now watch for deals every day and with a slightly different question in mind; “What exceptional travel deals can I take advantage of over Spring Break?”

For a family of four, the former question can easily be a $5000 to $10,000 question. The latter can easily be a $500 to $2500 question. (Yes… For a family of four, and yes – during peak times like weekends & holidays when everyone is out of school.)

This site is not for you if…

If you’ve got your sights set on a specific place at a specific time every time you travel, you don’t need my services.  You have two choices:

  1. You can keep looking the way you always have and find exactly what you’re looking for on Travelocity or Expedia.
  2. Or you can read this free report at least 3 months before you expect to take a trip (preferably 6 or 8 months in advance).

Either way, you don’t need a JGOOT subscription. The fares I share on JGOOT have about a zero chance of helping you if you have little to no flexibility on when/where you want to travel. If that’s the case for you, I don’t advise wasting another minute on my site.

Although The JGOOT Way will allow you take a family of four on vacation for the same price as what 90% of other travelers pay per person…

it simply won’t work if you aren’t willing to make some slight adjustments to take advantage of the deals that are there for the taking day in and day out.

  • Sometimes, that might mean snatching up a trip to Belize, Aruba, or Thailand instead of Cabo (Yes, when you travel The JGOOT Way – you can vacation in Thailand for the same freakin price as what most people pay to go to Cabo.)
  • Other times, that might mean vacationing the second week of July instead of the third week…
  • Maybe it means booking a Thanksgiving vacation instead of Winter Break because the same destination is 1/3 the cost
  • Or taking a Thursday to Thursday trip instead of Saturday to Saturday.
  • Or maybe taking an extra day off of school/work

If you want to start spending less than what 90% of travelers spend on travel – you have to stop thinking like them.

Little adjustments to how you travel can mean massive savings.

Is JGOOT the best site for you to save big on your next trip?

I don’t know.  Feel free to check out other free tips on my blog, and watch a few videos on my FAQ page. If The JGOOT philosophy resonates with you, great.  If not, that’s cool too. If you have a strict schedule with no flexibility, there is no need to fill your inbox with trips you can’t take advantage of, and you can click the “unsubscribe” button at any time.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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