Hi There,

I’m Brooke and I’m the newest member of the Just Get Out Of Town team (abbreviated JGOOT)!

I help Joel keep on top of correspondence with his blog subscribers, so if you reply to an email from us, it will probably be me who will be helping you. In addition to helping customers, I’ll be adding my unique perspective on travel to the blog.

Like many of you – I stumbled upon JGOOT from an ad online. Curious, I clicked on the ad and signed up. I did plenty of research and read all of the reviews. Incredulity satiated I began to poke around. I wanted full access to the site so I subscribed for a premium yearly membership.

I received a welcome e-mail from Joel McDonald, founder of Just Get Out Of Town, along with some great, user-friendly videos on exactly how to use the site. It was a bit of a learning curve but within 20 minutes, having carefully reviewed the videos and read the blog, I’d gotten the hang of it.

Since I have school aged children I popped over to the section that was vacations and deals exclusive to school holidays. There are 44 different sections so feel free to find the one that is right for you! We had wanted to take our children to DisneyWorld so when I saw Orlando I clicked on it immediately. What I found was direct, nonstop, roundtrip tickets to Orlando for about half the price I was seeing on other travel websites. The key was, I had to be just a tiny bit flexible. Instead of flying home on Presidents Day, we had to fly home the next day early in the morning. That wasn’t a problem for us, so I clicked, booked, and a month later off we went to Orlando. When we left Denver it was -8 degrees at DIA. 5 hours later we were on the beach in Florida where it was 78 degrees. 

Being so thrilled at the service I sent Joel an e-mail with a photo of us on the beach, thanking him for the amazing deal he had for us; that a teacher could take her kiddos on vacation for such a reasonable price was beyond comprehension! After Joel found out that I was a teacher he offered me a free lifetime membership (he does for teachers and other peace officers). While delighted, I politely declined. The small sum I had paid for my membership had already paid for itself 10x over. 

After that, I was hooked! I’ve since gone on 11 JGOOT trips, each one as unique as the next. While sometimes we found trips that we had been looking for anyway (we planned ahead and watched vigilantly), sometimes the deals were just too good to pass up and we planned our vacation around the deal that JGOOT had found. 

I am passionate about travel and excited to share that with you. I think my favorite part about JGOOT is that you, the end user and consumer, can book everything directly. Joel finds the deals, sends them to you, and you can take it from there. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet I am just a few clicks away from vacations all over the world. And if it were possible to have a second favorite part, it would have to be working with Joel. He’s spirited and brilliant and passionate about his business and his customers and it shows. He has such an extensive background in business, including authoring books, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn beside him.

Happy travels!

Brooke Merkle
11-time JGOOT traveler and Director of Customer Support
[email protected]


[Edit from Joel:]

Since this writing this letter, Brooke booked her 12th trip and holds two records among JGOOT subscribers:

        1. The cheapest domestic flight: $105 for 4 round-trip tickets to Austin.
        2. The cheapest international first-class flight: $450 round-trip to Dominican Republic

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