In the blackjack world, there are 3 types of people at the tables: Players, Spotters & Whales.


Players make up 99% of the people at the tables. Some win a few hundred bucks, some lose and console in the fact that at least they got free drinks.  Some win a few thousand dollars, some lose a few thousand.  The casino herds these people through like cattle knowing “the house” has a 51% advantage, the more everyone plays, the more the casinos win.


In the game of card-counting – Spotters are usually the smartest people in the room.  Spotters really only have one job (and it’s not to win at Blackjack).  In the world of counting cards, the SOLE job of the spotter is to count cards. The spotter sits at a blackjack table for hours on end counting every card played.

About one out of every 4 or 5 hours played, spotters run into a rare scenario where “the deck is rich”, and on that rare occasion, the odds shift from the house – to the player.  By drastically raising bids when the deck is rich – you can win some BIG money, but if the spotters did this, the casinos would instantly catch on and either re-shuffle the deck, or ask the card-counter to leave.

The spotters do all of the work, but the whales get all of the glory.


This is where the stories that have brought down casinos come into play. The job of the Whale is to sit around and wait for the spotters to signal them and tell them to step in. And when the whale steps into a Blackjack game where the deck is rich… They bet big.  They don’t win every time, but since the odds have shifted from “slightly in the casino’s favor” – to “heavily in the player’s favor” – when they win, THEY WIN BIG.

The key to the Whales’ success is that they don’t play like everyone else.

They don’t bet just because “they have a good feeling”

They don’t try to beat the house when the odds are stacked against them.

They wait around for hours on end until their spotters tell them the time is right.

When their spotters tell them they have an opportunity – Whales step up to the table and since they trust their Spotters – they don’t even bat an eye at betting the max bet the casino will allow.

There is probably only one whale for every 10,000 players in the casino, but because of their discipline – they win so BIG they have movies made about them.

Want to be a whale in travel and win big vacations for your family every time you travel (and be able to do it legally)?

Stop traveling like everyone else.

Unlike a whale, you don’t need a big bankroll, but…

You need to be a “spotter” and watch fares every day.

Not when you get around to it…

Not 90 days before your trip…

Not at 3am on Tuesdays…




The BEST deals are found 2, 4, even 10 months in advance, and if you’re not watching for them every single day – you will miss out.

Just like a “Whale” in Vegas – have a system in place that allows you to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

You’ll visit more friends & family because of flights you find that are cheaper than driving.

You’ll find trips to far more exotic destinations than you thought were in the budget.

You’ll start calling old friends for guys’ trips and girls’ trips – just because you can.

Friends and family will start jealously commenting about your latest Facebook posts telling you “I wish I could travel like you.”

Don’t want to take the time to look every day?

As a JGOOT Lounge client – we’ll do all of the work as your Spotter.

We’ll also teach you the equivalent of counting cards by learning to use points, and “win” 5 to 25 times more valuable flights & resorts than everyone else.

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