Jerry West is a master negotiator, seasoned Europe traveler, and JGOOT premium subscriber. In this video, we chat about how he put a combination of his JGOOT subscription and his negotiation skills to work to score two different business class flights for less than what most people on the same plane paid for their coach seats.

Warning: He cusses twice in this video but once doesn’t really count since it was a mispronunciation of “Phuket.”

Here are some bullet points from our conversation:

  • How he found $400ish tickets to Thailand when most sites were charging $2300 to $4000.
  • How much he HATED Bangkok.
  • How much he LOVED Phuket (which is a $30 to $100 flight from Bangkok)
  • How little we Westerners know about “spicy” food and what it can do to the bowel system.
  • How he found $298 tickets to Paris and a $62 flight to Belgium when most sites were charging $1200 to Belgium.
  • How he got TWO different business class flights for about 1/3 of what most people paid for their coach seat.
  • How AWESOME airport lounges are in Asia compared to anywhere else.
  • Hanging out in a bar. On a plane. At 35,000 feet.
  • Amazingly cheap (but really good) food, even better prices on lodging, and three foot massages a day.
  • How Jerry can help online business owners get more free traffic to their website, AND get more out of their site traffic (visit

If you are unable to watch the above video, you can also find it on our Youtube channel.

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4 thoughts on “Jerry West’s trick to getting business class flights for 1/2 to 1/3 of what people paid for their coach seat”

  1. Question for you? My family and I are trying to get to Paris and London from June 6-16. Does my entire family need to purchase your service to gain access to tickets or if I use it they get the benefits because I have access?

    1. Good question. Apologies in advance for the long answer.

      If all of your family is in the same city, there is no need for more than one membership. But that is irrelevant when you pin yourself down to going to a specific place at a time.

      My service is AWESOME for getting great rates for trips you have any flexibility on whatsoever. HOWEVER…

      The minute you pin yourself down to a specific place at a specific time, there is a zero chance of a mistake fare helping you out (And even less so if you’re talking about aligning plans for different families from different states.)

      Although I’d love to earn your business to help find affordable trips for you and your family, that wouldn’t be the case for the individual trip you asked about. That is why I offer this free report instead:

  2. Hey there! I have a question. When I signed up, FB caught my location. However, I live in three different places, but I see no place on your site where I can change my starting location… I also could find no place to ask a question or make contact. Can you let me know how to change my starting location? Thanks.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Good (and fair) question. Unfortunately, memberships are limited to one home-base and are not designed to be interchanged between cities.

      If you would like to buy multiple memberships, we can add additional territories for a significant discount. Just email me at [email protected] and we’ll figure that out.

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