“I wish I could travel like you”

Every time my wife & I get together with friends, they comment on our most recent Facebook travel pictures saying “I wish I could travel like you.”

The funny thing is…
if you want to travel like me, all you have to do is… Travel like me.
When you travel like me, you spend an average of 85% less than what everyone else is paying for the exact same trips you’re taking.
When you spend 85% less than everyone else on the same plane as you, you tend to travel more.
It’s that simple.

Here is how I get to take my whole family on trips that cost less than what most people pay for just one person:

  1. For vacations, I watch every day for deals and I plan way ahead.  I don’t just look for “good deals”… I only watch for AMAZING deals. When I find one that looks good, I book it well in advance and plan my family’s schedule around it.   I’m talking about $110 flights to Cabo, $192 flights to Aruba, $154 flights to Cancun… $325 to London, $290 to Spain, and so on. (Those are all round-trip prices, BTW.)
  2. I also keep an eye out every day for cheap fares where I have friends/family who I like to visit. I’ve booked $29 weekend flights to Indianapolis (where my wife grew up), $39 flights to L.A to visit friends, $84 flights to visit my brother’s family in Raleigh… When I found $50 flights where some other friends lived, I invited them to visit us for a ski weekend. The list goes on.  None of these trips are trips I would have planned. But when you can take a long weekend visiting friends/family for those prices… Why not? 
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    Finally – I always keep a stash of at least 100,000 frequent flyer points for scenarios when I CAN’T find a cheap trip that fits my schedule. I know that sounds like a big hassle, but trust me – it’s nowhere near as big a hassle as beating your head against a wall trying to find a cheaper flight than that $600 per-person flight that you were hoping to pay $150 for.  (Plus – when you can get 100,000 points with just a couple slight adjustments to your spending habits, there is never an excuse for not planning ahead so you have them when you need them.)

    • For example:
    • When my wife wanted to go to Hawaii, but my cheap ass refused to pay $1326 PER PERSON just to get there??? Points to the rescue. We went for $22 each.
    • When friends from Indiana found a JGOOT deal to Turks and Caicos and invited our family to join them, we’d have had normally had to say no. (Flights were more than twice as expensive out of Denver at $600 each but by redeeming points, we went for $96. (And started an AMAZING “friendcation” tradition with friends from around the country.)
    • When we had to fly to a friends’ Dad’s funeral and couldn’t find tickets less than $450 each, we used points and went for $11.

So there you have it.

If you want to travel like me, all you need to do is #1, #2, and #3.
My blog and my Facebook Page are open books on how you can find travel deals yourself for free.
Of course if you’d rather not do all of that research on a daily basis, I do all of the above for about $.26 per day (including showing you how to get 100,000 frequent flyer points in the next 60 days.)

The 60 second method to finding amazing travel deals

Remember that scene from Karate Kid where the culmination of all of Daniel’s “karate training” painting fences, waxing cars, and sanding floors comes together?

Click on the video clip below and watch Daniel’s face as he instantly goes from exhausted, discouraged and pissed – to seeing a whole new world of possibility.


Daniel’s breakthrough is like travel

Just like Mr Miyagi had Daniel do a bunch of stuff he didn’t think would help at all with Karate… I’m about to tell you the most powerful thing you can do to find a mind-bogglingly cheap trip:

Look every day. Even when you’re not planning a trip.

Let’s first talk about how most people book a trip.

  • They decide to book two or three months before a trip. They spend hours hunting down the optimal times/dates, and sometimes they get an OK deal.
  • Sometimes, they give up and have to repeat the procedure several other nights.
  • Eventually they either settle on something that seems like the best deal they can get, or they don’t go at all.

“The old fashioned way” is impossible…

Looking for a travel deal “the old fashioned way” might get an OK deal with enough work. But getting an exceptionally good deal is simply not possible except by random luck.

The exceptionally good deals only last days or hours, and came and went while the average traveler wasn’t even looking. The result? The average traveler ends up settling for mediocre deals or not traveling as often – never even knowing they could have paid 50% to 90% less.

The JGOOT Way: “Give me 60 seconds a day & I’ll show you the world”

Whether subscribed to my free or paid service, you get 4 to 6 trip alerts a day – all from your home airport. Every one of them are the best travel deals I could find on the internet for that day.
    • Whether you’re planning a trip or not, take 60 seconds a day and read the emails I send you with an open mind.
    • Rather than thinking “This trip doesn’t fit my schedule.”
    • Try thinking “Could I slightly adjust my schedule (or slightly adjust the dates) to take advantage of this ridiculously affordable trip?”

Most days, the trips either won’t interest you, or they won’t fit your schedule and that’s fine. You’re only out 60 seconds.

But some days…

You’ll see a trip that’s so affordable you won’t even have to think about whether it’s in the budget. You’ll know that going any other time would cost two to ten times as much, and if you adjust your vacation schedule just a little – it won’t impact your budget nearly as much as finding that exact same trip “the old fashioned way”. (It won’t take as much time either.)

I promise

Whether you use my service, or set up dozens of free Google fare watches and watch fares yourself…

If you simply take a minute a day to look at trip possibilities for 7 days in a row – you’ll begin to see a whole new world of affordable travel that are physically impossible to find “the old fashioned way”.

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Why are your trips never available?

“Never” is a strong word. They’re definitely there, but when you’re dealing with the cheapest .1% of trips on the internet, finding them before they disappear can sometimes be a little bit of work. Trust me though… It’s worth it.

Photo credit: https://www.123rf.com/profile_mathes

There are several reasons a fare might not appear to be available by the time you look for it. Most times, you can still find it though. Here are several tips for you:

  1. The most common reason fares don’t get found is not that they’re gone, but that they haven’t loaded yet.  It can sometimes take 20 or 30 seconds for all prices to load (even on a big search engine like Kayak or Travelocity). I get told all the time that a fare isn’t there any more and when I go to check – it still is. Patience grasshopper. If you don’t wait for the little status-bar thingy to fully load, the lowest prices won’t show. Here is a video example.
  2. Your best search experience is on a computer. Searches on mobile phones can take even longer to load – which can be frustrating. I highly recommend doing these searches from your computer. It’s infinitely easier than from a phone.
  3. If I say a fare can be found between January and March, that doesn’t mean you can fly any time during those months.
    • If you’re a premium subscriber, For your convenience, I’ll send you a link to the lowest date I found. There are almost always alternative dates you can find when that specific date has sold out (and it will). Here is a video showing how to find alternate dates.
    • If you’re a free subscriber I’ll point you in the right direction by telling you what months you can find those prices, but you will still have to do a little digging to find them.  If you’re not prepared to do a little digging to find a fare that can literally be 90% less than what the person sitting next to you will pay, then searching for mistake fares may not be for you.
  4. These are airline “fire sales” solely intended to get a few butts in seats in a hurry. There are rarely more than 8 or 10 seats (sometimes as few as 2) at that price and once they get those seats filled, the airlines raise prices back up (often within hours). Here is a video showing several fares that disappeared between when I identified them – and when my assistant could get them verified/published.
  5. I have tens of thousands of free subscribers and Facebook followers getting these alerts – which can cause them to sell out quickly. (Sometimes within hours of being posted.)
  6. Premium subscribers get alerts 3 days in advance and often snatch them up before free subscribers even get the chance (but even then, some fares disappear within hours of premium subscribers getting them.)

I typically take my whole family on a trip for the same cost as what other people pay for just one person (and many of my subscribers have done the same). Sure, some trips disappear between when I find them and I can text my wife to plan for them, but that’s the cost of booking trips that are among the most affordable .1% of trips on the internet.

Feel free to read my FAQ page and my blog to make the most of traveling “The JGOOT Way”.