Every week, I get over a dozen emails or calls from people who need to get somewhere, and they’re in a state of shock because they were hoping to pay $200 for a flight…

and it’s $550…

…and they have a family of 5.

You know the kinds of trips… Weddings, funerals, family emergencies, guys/girls trips, job interviews, etc…

As much as I wish I could help them, I can’t.

Mistake fares don’t work that way, the airline has them exactly where they want them, and without a backup plan, it’s too late to do a single thing about it.

They usually end up doing one of three things:

  1. Begrudgingly pay the extortious fees the airlines are charging.
  2. Take Greyhound or Amtrak (Ugh…)
  3. They don’t go.

I don’t care how few trips you take per year, or how good you are at finding good travel deals, there is ALWAYS going to be a time where you need to get somewhere specific, it needs to be at a specific time, and the airline is charging way more than what you were expecting to pay.


You’re pretty much screwed unless you have a backup plan.

Here is the backup plan I recommend.

  1. Read this free report.
  2. If you’re reading this for the first time, don’t wait until you’re ready for your next trip to put this backup plan in place. Trust me – there will come a time when you’ll be glad you took the 30 minutes required to put it in place today.
  3. If you’re reading this post because you’re in the bind I described above, it’s probably too late for the trip you’re looking for. But I’m positive there will be a time in the not-so-distant future that you’ll be glad you have those “rainy day” points. Here is that link again. 😉

Don’t want to juggle a bunch of credit cards?

No juggling required. Just switch to a new card whenever you don’t have an emergency stash of at least 100,000 frequent flyer points. Only use those valuable points for unexpected/expensive emergencies, and use my premium fare alert service for vacations and other trips where you have flexibility on when/where you want to go.

Don’t want to mess with credit cards at all? My premium trip alerts are a better deal than wasting thousands of dollars worth of points on, so no credit cards are required whatsoever.

Don’t want to mess with credit cards OR watch for trips more than a couple months in advance? Maybe “The JGOOT Way” isn’t a fit for you. That’s cool to.

Still have questions? Feel free to add your comments below.