The 60 second method to finding amazing travel deals

Remember that scene from Karate Kid where the culmination of all of Daniel’s “karate training” comes together?

Everything he knew about Karate was what he taught himself in a textbook. After weeks painting fences, waxing on/waxing off, and sanding floors – Daniel had no idea that what Mr Miyagi was teaching him was a far more efficient way to become a master of Karate.

Click on the video clip below and watch Daniel’s face as he instantly goes from exhausted, discouraged and pissed – to seeing a whole new world of possibility.

Most most people book vacations like Daniel taught himself Karate. (The “Textbook Way”)

  • They decide to book two or three months before a trip. They spend hours hunting down the optimal times/dates, and sometimes they get an OK deal.
  • Sometimes, they give up and have to repeat the procedure several other nights.
  • Eventually, they settle on something that seems like the best deal they can get (not even knowing they missed a flight that was half the cost a few weeks earlier)
  • or worse – they give up chalking travel up as “too expensive” and they put their vacation off yet another year.

Now let’s talk about “The Miyagi Way” of travel (also known as “The JGOOT Way”)

Forget about how you’ve always planned a trip.

Start looking for the best travel deals every day – whether or not you’re planning a trip.

Most days, what you find won’t work and you’ll wonder why you’re bothering to look every day.

But every once in a while – you’ll find a deal that interests you. Rather than thinking “This trip doesn’t fit my schedule” – try thinking “Could I slightly adjust my schedule (or slightly adjust the dates) to take advantage of this ridiculously affordable trip?”

Before you know it – you’ll find deals so unimaginably good – you can’t help but book them.

Sometimes it will be a $20 to $50 flight across the country to visit a best friend.

Other times, it will be a bucket-list destination that is 1/4 the cost of what you were expecting to pay.

Whatever the case – even though very few of the trips you take were trips you planned in advance – you’ll start traveling more often, traveling in better seats, staying at better resorts, and you’ll wonder why you always told yourself travel was so expensive.

All because you started planning trips around deals instead of expecting to find deals that fit your plans on the rare occasions that you look for them.


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