Two people. Same plane. TOTALLY different prices.

Meet Kari & Kelly,

Kari got a $1500 Mexico lodging voucher through JGOOT, and she and her friend Kelly booked a girls’ trip over a holiday weekend.

They booked their flights on the same day…

They’re flying on the same plane, to the same place…

They’re sitting in the same type of seats (coach)…

On top of that, they’re both JGOOT premium members!


One of them paid $80 round-trip, and the other paid $500.

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(And if you become a JGOOT premium member, I’ll show you how you can fly there for prices similar to what Kari paid ($80), vs what Kelly paid ($500+))


Since they’re both JGOOT premium members, why didn’t they both get the same great rate?

There are 3 simple rules to saving 50% to 90% every time you travel:

  1. Look for travel bargains every day whether you’re planning a trip or not. (Our premium trip-alert service allows you to do that over your morning coffee.)
  2. You MUST be flexible on when/where you want to go
  3. Have a backup plan in case rules #1 or 2 are not possible.

In Kari & Kelly’s case, rules number one and two didn’t help much because they wanted to go to a specific place (to redeem $1500 worth of lodging at a luxury resort), at a specific time (due to strict work schedules).

Kari had established her backup plan long ahead of time, so as soon as she saw that they were going to have to pay $500 for their flights, she used her stash of points instead.

Kelly hadn’t established a backup plan, so she had to pay $500.

Although JGOOT trip-alerts are great for vacations and weekend trips where you can be flexible on when/where you want to go…

…The odds of one of our trip alerts coming through for you when you NEED to go to a specific place at a specific time are slim to none.

That’s why the first thing I teach my subscribers to do after becoming premium members is how to start working on their backup plan RIGHT AWAY. That way, they’ll quickly build a “stash” of 50,000 to 150,000 frequent flyer points to use whenever they don’t like the prices they find “the traditional way.”

Seriously – it’s not hard at all. It takes like an hour to set up, and trust me – just like car insurance – there WILL come a time when you’ll be glad you have those points. If you don’t have them, you’re not going to be happy about the prices you’ll have to pay.

Want me to show you how you can collect 100,000 frequent flyer points in the next 60 days with less work than it usually takes to find affordable flights “the traditional way”?
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