The “magic” question that has a 100% success rate

The “magic” question that

Let’s say you’re running to the grocery store. You forgot your credit card and you’ve only got $25 in cash, but you need to fix a nice dinner for 4.

It’s crowded and you’re in a hurry, so you’ve only got time to ask the manager one question.

Which question do you think would stretch your dollar as far as possible?

  • “Can you tell me how much Chicken Breasts, Ham, & Swiss Cheese are?”
  • “What is on sale today?”

The first question has about a 10% or 20% chance of anything on that list being on sale, and with a limited budget, dinner will almost certainly be a little light.

The second has a 100% chance of success.  Plan your meal around what is on sale and you’ll not only have plenty of food to go around – you’ll probably fix a fancier dinner too.

Want a 100% chance of success when looking for affordable travel?

Stop making such specific plans for vacations and being surprised when it’s expensive.

Instead, look for flights that are “on sale” every day. Plan your vacations (and weekend trips) around those flights, and establish a backup plan for when you can’t find flights that are on sale.