I’m in a few Facebook travel groups, and one of them in particular is an especially active one. The average post gets over 20 replies, but one in particular got over 100 replies in the first hour, and is up to over 350 comments.

The post was “How do you guys travel so much?”  and all of the replies had one common theme; “You have to make travel a priority.

Although I agree that the first step in traveling more is making it a priority, I couldn’t disagree more with HOW these people were making travel a priority.  I can’t tell you how many responses utterly shocked me:


Other shocking responses:

  • Eat Ramen every day, and put the savings towards a travel fund.
  • Sell your car, take the bus and apply what you save on payments and insurance towards travel.

Seriously???  If you’re needing to take the bus, work a second job, or eat crappy food just so you can afford to travel – you’re doing it all wrong.

Why not just find a way to spend less on travel?  

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  1. brucenstormy
    brucenstormy says:

    I’m all for being thrifty – you could probably say it’s the way I run my life. But to scrimp and save and then throw it away on overpriced travel is not being thrifty at all. Good insight, Joel! Thanks.

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