Every once in a while, I get an email or Facebook message from an irate Airline employee saying they’re in the industry and THERE IS NO WAY the mistake fares I am posting are legit.  (That’s them yelling. Not me.)


  1. How do they know? They fly standby for free and rarely even pay attention to flight costs.
  2. They’re probably just frustrated when people traveling “The JGOOT Way” can get on the plane for $29 with a higher priority than them, and if the flight is sold out – they get sent-a-walkin until they can find standby room on another plane.

The JGOOT Way is simple

(and it NEVER gets old – no matter how many $10 to $50 flights you get on)

  1. Look every day (whether you’re planning a trip or not).
  2. Find and book mistake fares that are 50% to 90% off whenever you have flexibility on when/where you want to go. (They pop up every day, and are usually far in advance. You just have to be diligent about looking for them and be ready to pounce when you find them.)
  3. Use points for all other flights that are more expensive than a price you’re willing to pay.

Either way – you’ll be virtually guaranteed a seat on the sold-out plane while the airline employee flying standby will have to wait for another flight. (Sound like a big hassle? It’s not NEARLY as big a hassle as what you put yourself through every time you need to travel and can’t find an affordable flight. Give it a try here for free.