Me: “Honey – What are we doing July 15 to July 27 this summer?” 
Wife: Nothing. Why? 
Me: Because I found $192 flights to Aruba.


Me: Honey – Can you take an extra day off over Thanksgiving?
Michelle: Sure. Why?
Me: Because I found flights and an all-inclusive resort in Cabo for 6 nights for $1124 ($562 each)


Me (when we were first dating): Let’s go back to Indiana next weekend. I’d love to see your home town.
Michelle’s friends/family: “OMG! He’s going to meet the parents and ask for her hand in marriage!!!”
Me: Uhhhh… I found $29 flights. I did ask her to marry me about 6 months later though. 🙂

If you want to spend less on travel (like mind-blowing amounts less), try the following 3 tips:

  • Never pin yourself down to certain dates.  Most people plan vacations around time off. However, if you plan time off around your vacation (after you find a great deal), you’ll be shocked at how much less you can spend on the exact same trip you try to squeeze between specific dates.
  • Never pin yourself down to one location.
    • Cabo is quick & easy, but there are almost always more affordable beach options that are actually much nicer.
    • Everyone wants to go to Paris, but not only are there a couple dozen other European countries that have just as much history and beauty, but cheaper too. Far cheaper.
    • Hawaii & Turks & Caicos are on everyone’s bucket list, but I’ve been to both, and I’ve got to be honest… Considering I could take two vacations almost anywhere else in the world… They’re not nearly as appealing.
  • Look every day.  I don’t care if you’re planning a trip 6 to 9 months down the road, or not even planning a trip at all. Amazing deals are out there every day. Watch for them early and often. You’ll be amazed at the trips you end up taking just because it’s too good a deal not to.

Happy Travels!



If watching 2o to 100 fare alerts a day to find a deal sounds like too much work, I have a paid service that does that work – so you don’t have to.

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