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Today, my Mom & Dad are celebrating their 51 year anniversary in Greece.

But not because they wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a foreign country…

When I started this abstract travel business and everyone and their mother was asking “You have a great consulting job! Why are you spending all of your time on this travel thing?” or “How do you expect to compete with Travelocity and Expedia?”

They supported me by going against everything they knew about travel and learned to travel “The JGOOT Way”. Not because they believed in what I was doing – but as a way of saying “we believe in YOU”. (Just as they’ve done with every non-traditional entrepreneurial job I’ve had throughout my life.)

Now, they’re in Greece because they found a screamin’ JGOOT deal to Greece and they scheduled around it.

I know you don’t know my parents, but without them having met…

Without them raising me exactly the way they raised me…

You wouldn’t be reading this blog right now, and “The JGOOT Way” wouldn’t even be a thing.

If so inclined, please comment below and wish them a Happy Anniversary.

Mom & Dad – I love you.

Happy anniversary & happy travels!



3 thoughts on “My Mom & Dad’s Anniversary in Greece”

  1. Aww, sweet! We’re having a great time! They say the journey’s the thing, not the destination. On this trip we did a layover tour of London on the way here, and will see Milan the same way on the way back. And as a bonus, Athens as a destination is fantastic. We’re loving this journey, and thanks to JGOOT for making it possible! …

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