Want to upgrade your hotel?

Don’t forget – any trip alert we send allows you to book a flight by itself, or bundle it with dozens of lodging choices.

Here’s how to customize your hotel however you like.

Are these prices real, and who is this Joel guy? (Video)

“Is this site real?”

“Are YOU real?”

“What’s the catch?”

I get asked those questions all the time and I’d be an idiot if I didn’t think you’ve wondered the same.

It’s really simple.

The trips I find are so cheap – the airlines don’t pay commissions on them. (If they did pay a commission, the trips would be a LOT more expensive.  Unlike free sites on commission, I charge nominal fee (that starts at $8/month). Whenever you receive a trip alert from me, you’ll know I’m sending it simply because it’s the best deal I could find out of thousands of flights available and you can book it yourself directly from the source – with no middleman or extra fees whatsoever.)

Wondering what the catch is if I’m not paid on commission? Watch this video.

You’re welcome to remain a free subscriber as long as you like and there are no strings attached if you want to book any of the trips I send you.

But if you’re thinking of upgrading down the road, don’t wait until it’s too late. 

  1. Since free subscribers only get about 5% as many trip alerts as paid subscribers, and there are 100 times as many free subscribers competing for the same trips – it will take 20 times longer to find the right trip – compared to upgrading. (Literally)
  2. The cost of missing out on a trip that will save you hundreds (if not thousands) is WAY more than the ten or twenty bucks you’ll save by putting off upgrading another few months.

Click here for a 30-day risk-free trial of my premium trip-alert service.

Happy travels!


Can I pick my own dates?

For every time I get this question, I’m sure there are 1000 more subscribers wondering the same thing, so I’ll just post my response here.

Hi Noah,

It’s closer to the latter. I share the 100 to 150 deals a month with my premium subscribers that I’ve determined to be among the cheapest .1% of trips on the internet. You can choose from those, and usually play with the dates to make them work with your schedule.

  • I have subscribers who have over 500,000 frequent flyer miles pay for my service because I ONLY send them deals that they would be better off paying cash for and saving their frequent flyer miles for far more expensive trips. (If interested, this blog post may help explain that further.)
  • I also have several pilots who are subscribers because they’d rather pay for one of the trips I send them with cash and be guaranteed a seat – than risk spending all day hoping to get on a free stand-by (AKA “non-rev”) flight during their family’s valuable vacation time.
Most trips can be adjusted to fit your needs, but it still requires that you think a little differently than how most people. (In fact, if you want to pay less than what most people pay – you HAVE to think differently than them 😉
You can find out more about my philosophy at jgoot.com/faq and jgoot.com/blog.
I’d recommend starting with the blog post entitled:  This site is not for you if…
Happy travels!

How do I book a trip?

Want to book one of the trips I send you?

All trips I share with you can be booked through the travel site of your choice. You can usually do all of the below and more:

  • Adjust the dates
  • Change the number of passengers
  • Book the flight by itself, or bundle it with a hotel
  • Upgrade your hotel

Here is a quick video showing how:

“Do you have business class flights?”

Here’s another question I get all the time.

Good news! Every single trip we share has both coach and business class prices (and when the coach prices we find are discounted, the business class prices are typically discounted too. (Check out the $1001 business class price in the Jamaica example below.)

Whether you need business class prices, different lodging options, or a different number of passengers, all you need to do is:

  1. Click the link to the trip that interests you in your email (or on our website)
  2. Look for the appropriate link.
  3. Click it.

Once you do that, you’ll be on Kayak.com and you can play with the options as you see fit.

Have further questions? Click any of the video links in the trip-alert and we’ll show you what to do.

Still have questions?

Try my FAQ page, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, or blog.

STILL have questions after that? Email my awesome support team at “support@jgoot.com“.

Happy travels!