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Have you got one of “Those friends?

Among every group of friends or co-workers, there is always someone who travels all the time, and everyone in their circle of friends travels vicariously through them.

You know the type:

  • Their Facebook & Instagram pages are constantly full of them happy and smiling in exotic destinations.
  • They’re always telling crazy stories around the water cooler at work and at parties.

While they’re telling their stories, you know what’s going on in everyone else’s mind:

WTH??? There is no way these J@ckA55es make as much as I do, but they travel three or four times as much as me!

That’s because everyone else is looking for travel deals the old fashioned way.

“The old fashioned way” might get a good deal, but “good deals” aren’t how that worldly traveling friend of yours is able to afford to travel like they do…

Unless they are independently wealthy…

There is only one way that friend of yours is able to travel for pennies on the dollar:

Those traveling friends of yours don’t waste their time taking trips that are just “good deals”…

They look every day, and they hold out for those mouth-watering, gotta-have-it-now, amazing deals that seem too good to be true (but aren’t).

When they find a trip that perfect trip at a “too good to be true” price, they book it months ahead of time, they work their vacation schedule around that trip, and when they return – they rub their jealous friends’ noses in it for the rest of their lives.