What Are You Doing To Survive The Quarantine?

What Are You Doing To Survive The Quarantine?

We were going to stay at the lovely Hilton resort on the beach, which we had also earned through a loyalty program. It was going to be perfect. Our trip was canceled. Our vacation postponed. Our plans put on hold.

We got most of our money back. Some is just gone…


But here we are. No beach. No ocean. No sand. Stuck at home. Homeschooling the kids. Working from home. Trying to stay sane. Going on lots of walks. 

I bought several fabulous, tropical themed dresses for our trip to the Bahamas. I was looking at them longingly last week, hanging in my closet, when it occurred to me. Why don’t I just start wearing them? So granted the weather has been beautiful here in Denver so it’s appropriate…. well somewhat. My husband remarked the other day that I used to wear yoga pants because I was pretending to go to the gym later in the day. Now that the gym is closed…. yeah anyone else’s marriage going to a whole new level of closeness 🙂 ? 

I have given up my black yoga pants in favor of my bright yellow linen trousers while I walk with the kids to the park. I am wearing my orange flip flops while I watch yet another show on Netflix at night. I am cooking dinner in my beach cover up and shorts. And I am dreaming of the next time I can go to the beach…

I’m continuing to open my JGOOT daily trip alert emails every single day.

I am continuing to adjust the dates to November or December.

I am continuing to look.

I am continuing to plan.

I am continuing to dream.

I am living vicariously through the customers who are sharing when they book trips for themselves, and I am continuing to get good use out of those dresses hanging in my closet. 

So if you see me in the curbside pick up line for the grocery store wearing my brightest pink lipstick and my most tropical sundress and hat, feel free to give me a wave. We’re all just doing the best we can to survive and we’re all in this together.

Drop me a comment and tell me what you’re doing to survive during this time. 

About the author: After her 11th Just Get Out Of Town trip Brooke Merkle came to work for JGOOT as the Director of Customer Support. She’s passionate about travel, craft cocktails, and finally finding a stay proof lipstick. Her spirit animal is a platypus. You can follow her blog at justgetoutoftown.com/blog

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  1. Janet Carlson
    Janet Carlson says:

    I was disappointed but resigned when a long awaited trip to Scotland with my sister, brother in law, three friends and others was cancelled by our group leader. The trip is actually postponed for one year to April-May 2021. Now I have time to hem the hiking pants and break in the new waterproof hiking shoes I bought for the trip. I can also finish reading the background books I started on The Flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie and How the Scots invented the Modern World. Now I have more time to continue researching our Cameron family genealogy before next year’s trip. There are even references to Camerons in the books I mentioned above. There may also be some Scotch tastings for my unprepared palate in preparation for the distillery tours next year, and perhaps a few more episodes to watch of Outlanders, though I stopped watching in Season 2 when the series was getting too violent for my taste. Our English Historian tour leader had provided our group of 18 with the lyrics to several Scottish songs which we will be expected to sing on our coach rides and now I have no excuse not to practice them before April 2121. This postponement will be a test of my belief that a large component of what I love about traveling is the anticipation and preparation, and even shopping, for a special trip. When I finally do get to hike the Scottish Highlands, tour the National trust and historic sites, ride ferries to the Shetland islands and taste the Scotch and haggis, they will all be that much sweeter.

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