Webinar Recording: JGOOT Lunch and Learn

Watch this member-only video where we discuss various ways to travel for 50% to 95% less with a few simple changes (I call it the “Triangle of Travel”, and I reference it quite a bit in the webinar. Here is a link to that blog post.)

Don’t want to watch the whole video?  Feel free to click a link to skip around to topics that interest you most:

  • 1:15 Watching close-by airports that JGOOT to increase odds of finding the best deal.
  • 3:46: How to get to deal for all-inclusive Mexico or Beach vacation (Here is a blog post about the Triangle of Travel I mention)
  • 8:05: Question from San Diego Subscriber: How to watch Mexico flights originating from across the border. Here is the blog post I reference about how to do this.
  • 11:56: How do I decide what travel credit card is best?
  • 24:53: Simple advice on getting started with point-hacking without getting overwhelmed
  • 27:40: How do I plan a trip to Barcelona/Portugal/Italy?
  • 30:22: How important is it to book flight & hotel at the same time?
  • 33:40: You gave me a $100 discount card as an incentive for signing up for your service, but it doesn’t seem to save me any money.
  • 34:50: Do you ever publish direct flights, or do they require multiple layovers to get that rate?
  • 42:00: How do you collect so many frequent flyer points?
  • 43:47: We mostly fly on AA and have 600,000 points on AMEX. Should we transfer our points to AA so we can use them there?
  • 45:24: I don’t have much time so I like quick weekend trips. How do I find those on your site?
  • 50:05: Why do some of the trips I look up say “error” or “not found”?
  • 52:55: Advice from a listener: Chase sapphire reserve gives perks
  • 54:38: Advice from listener: Just use one card for everything (and my response – including how we used two cards to fly in a first-class private suite)
  • 56:21: My response to “I’ll kiss your feet if you can find anything to Vienna or Bonn”
  • 57:13: Thinking out of the box: How one of our subscribers flew to Portugal for $290 round-trip, and took a $12 ferry to get to Morocco.
  • 58:30 We have a cruise in Hawaii May 7. What are average prices?
  • 61:00: We had a nightmare while traveling and had our cards frozen.
  • 62:05: Where do I find your point-hacking resources?
  • 62:54: Why can I never find the same fares you find – even when clicking the link you provide? (And here is a link to a blog post/video with more info)
  • 66:09: Shout-out to the amazing Brooke Merkle – who is the one answering all of your email questions!
  • 67:40: What is the best way to get to Maui this Summer?
  • 69:40: I’ve heard about travel sites falsely raising prices to get you to buy. Is this true, and do you do this?
  • 72:25: I’m going to Manila, PH. How do I find those fares?
  • 73:45: In Summary: If there is nothing else you take from this webinar, I hope it’s this. (And here is a quick-start guide to help you get started on preparing your backup plan.)
  • 75:30: One last question: “Why can’t I find anything for Christmas of 2020 on your site? [11 months from the time of this webinar]


Don’t have good credit? Try this:

As you (hopefully) know by now – “The JGOOT Way” of travel says that there are two (and ONLY two) kinds of flights:

  1. Flights you can take for 10¢ to 50¢ on the dollar.
  2. Flights you use points to pay for.

Using those simple rules, I haven’t paid more than about 25¢ on the dollar for any flight my family and I have taken in the past several years. Other than having less than average credit, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to do the same.

Don’t have points? As long as you have a credit score of 690 or above **and have responsible spending habits**, there is no reason you can’t have 100,000 points at your disposal to use whenever you can’t find trips that are more expensive than 50% off. May as well get started now. (You know what they say about the best time to plant a tree.)

Don’t have a score of at least 690?  Take a look at this chat I had with a premium subscriber for the quickest fix possible.**


Want help with both #1 and #2 above?  Click here.

  1. We’ll take care of #1 by sending 100+ trips you can choose from every month – with every one being 50% to 90% below market value.
  2. We’ll help you get your “emergency stash” of points with webinars, training materials, and most importantly – an exclusive member-only group of 2000+ other travelers glad to answer any questions you have along the way.

Once you start traveling “The JGOOT Way” – you’ll never pay full-price for a trip again.

Happy travels!

**Please note that this is in no way an endorsement for using credit irresponsibly. There is no need to run up credit cards with expenses you cannot immediately pay off. If you are buying a home in the near future, be sure to consult with your mortgage broker.



Baskets full of Chef BoyArdee & Sardines

Thinking of getting into the point-hacking world?

We get a TON of questions about whether we have spreadsheets or  flow-charts to help in deciding what card to get next, and

I’m here to tell you…

It’s not that complicated.

Instead of wondering what card to get next, and then what card to get after that, and then whether this card, or that card should be after that…

Here’s a simple decision process:

1) Do you have at least 50,000 Ultimate Rewards (UR) and/or Membership Rewards (MR) points per person in your travel group?
If “no” –
Go get more UR or MR points through a signup bonus or a card that earns 1.5x to 10x on things you buy that earn UR/MR points.
If “yes” –
A) Keep watching for cash deals daily and re-up on “base points” until the answer is “no”. Then – repeat the steps for “no”
B) If you’re an overachiever and don’t have 50k points pp in Chase AND AMEX, go and get at least 50k in the one where you’re shy on points. (Don’t worry about signup bonuses. Just make sure they’re Chase or Amex cards that contribute to UR/MR, and have LONG-TERM EARNING POTENTIAL (ie 3x or 4x on gas/groceries, 5x on travel, 20x on shopping portals, 1.5x on non-bonused spend, 4x on advertising, or any category that that you spend a lot of money on etc.)
2) (This is independent of question 1)
When you want to plan a trip more than 4 months away – don’t deplete your base-stash of points to less than 50k points pp. Start watching that (or THOSE) destinations daily. In the meantime – Pick cards that have signup bonuses will get you there.
If you find a cash deal that meets the $120 rule – pay cash & save your points for a different trip!

That’s it!

Want to debate the aboe decision process to death or create a flow-chart for it? I’m in.  (You can find plenty of discussions in our Free Facebook Group: JGOOT Village.
Want to stray off and kill yourself analyzing other (Capital one, Barclay’s, Citi/BofA/Discover/WellsFargo) cards that require intricate knowledge of complicated transfer partners, and might have slightly higher signup bonuses, but much lower redemption values?
Feel free to check out forums like Award Travel 101, Flyer Talk, and Reddit – where thousands of savvy travelers who have binders full of credit cards and haven’t paid more than twenty bucks for a flight in the past ten yearswho love getting into the weeds on that crap.

But trust me…

It’s a very slippery slope between being a savvy shopper saving an average of 80% – and being a “coupon clipper” who spends the equivalent of a part-time job clipping coupons so they can say they saved 98% on a basket full of Chef BoyarDee & canned fish.