As long as teachers are going on strike without pay, so will I

[Note: Thank you for your generous donations! We were able to donate over $1100 toward
this GoFundMe benefiting teachers on strike.]
We are now focusing on raising support for teachers on strike in another of our communities – Oakland, California.
Denver Public School teachers have made National news with their current strike seeking fair wages.  (USA Today article here.)
  • Whether you live in Colorado or not…
  • Whether you have kids or not…
  • Whether you know a teacher or not…

All of our futures depend on the quality of today’s education, and that starts with reasonable pay for the teachers who are currently educating those who will be funding our social security checks in the future.

All ships rise with the tide, so as long as
Denver teachers are going on strike without pay,
so will I. AND…
If you subscribe to ANY of my trip alert services…
I will do the following in support of teachers (and kids) everywhere:
  • Donate 100% of new proceeds raised during this strike to a Go Fund Me account that supports teachers going on strike without pay (despite already living paycheck to paycheck.)
  • Donate one free trip-alert subscription to a teacher/community servant for every paid subscriber (More details here).
And YOU will get:
  • A 7-night vacation voucher valued at $2100 to you (redeemable at over 3500 resorts for the next 12 months. All you pay is taxes & fees of about $50/night upon booking.)
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Happy travels!

PS – Yes, my wife is a teacher, but not in Denver schools.

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