“I refuse to fly Spirit Airlines”

We got this email from a subscriber who wished to cancel her premium trip-alert subscription with us.

Although all subscribers can cancel any time with no questions asked, I thought I’d address her feedback in case you have similar concerns yourself.

  1. We certainly understand that not everyone likes certain discount airlines, but here are a few things to consider that (that are in addition to being able to fly somewhere round-trip for as little as $19:
    1. Airlines are EXTREMELY competitive, and many times when a discount airline like Spirit, Frontier or Southwest drops fares to $19 or $39, other airlines often drop their fares as well. It doesn’t always happen, but we’ve had countless amounts of subscribers who were able to snag a direct flight on Delta, United or American for the same (or very similar) price as what we initially published from a competing discount airline.
    2. Sure, basic coach seating on Frontier or Spirit is… pretty basic, but sometimes – You can upgrade to business class seats (which include free bags) for less than what it would cost to check a couple bags. And lemme tell ya – their business class seats are worlds different than their coach seats.)
    3. Discount airlines are only about half of the fares we share. The other 50% are larger carriers like Delta, United, American & sometimes even Virgin.
  2. To clarify – We publish business-class fares with every trip we share. (See screenshot below) Not all business class fares are as discounted as much as the coach fares, but many are. In fact, I just went to lunch with Brooke (our director of support), and she was contemplating whether to book her 22nd JGOOT-inspired trip. It was DIRECT round-trip flight to Rome for $400 in coach, or $900 in lie-flat business class.  (For the record – $900 is less than what most people traveling “the traditional way” pay for a coach flight, and a business-class flight to Rome is normally $3000 to $8000.)
  3. If you ever decide that “The JGOOT Way” of travel isn’t a fit for you, the best way to request cancellation is to reply to the most recent email you received from us. We respond to all premium member requests by the next business day (including written confirmation of cancellation). But if you email us directly without replying to your member-only email, your request will be lumped in with hundreds of thousands of free subscribers and we can’t promise how quickly we’ll be able to confirm your cancellation request.

Happy travels!


PS – We realize “The JGOOT Way” of travel isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a subscriber having doubts – the single best thing you can do to see if it is a fit for you is to check your trip-alerts every day – whether planning a trip or not.

It really is that simple. Open your trip-alert emails every day for 2 weeks. You’ll be surprised at how often a $30 or $50 flight inspires a trip to visit a friend, or how often a $200 or $300 flight that normally costs over $1500 per person inspires a vacation most people wouldn’t even contemplate until retirement.


Sample Trip-Alert with Coach and Business-Class Fares:

Can’t find the prices we’re finding? Watch this video.

I get multiple emails a day from people stating that they can’t find the same prices we’re finding – sometimes within hours of us sending the alert.

Although sometimes the prices do go back up that fast, most times – they’re still available for at least a few days.

Here is a quick video covering how to find them.

Happy travels!


PS – No time to watch a video? Here is a blog post with more detail.

Can I pick my own dates?

For every time I get this question, I’m sure there are 1000 more subscribers wondering the same thing, so I’ll just post my response here.

Hi Noah,

It’s closer to the latter. I share the 100 to 150 deals a month with my premium subscribers that I’ve determined to be among the cheapest .1% of trips on the internet. You can choose from those, and usually play with the dates to make them work with your schedule.

  • I have subscribers who have over 500,000 frequent flyer miles pay for my service because I ONLY send them deals that they would be better off paying cash for and saving their frequent flyer miles for far more expensive trips. (If interested, this blog post may help explain that further.)
  • I also have several pilots who are subscribers because they’d rather pay for one of the trips I send them with cash and be guaranteed a seat – than risk spending all day hoping to get on a free stand-by (AKA “non-rev”) flight during their family’s valuable vacation time.
Most trips can be adjusted to fit your needs, but it still requires that you think a little differently than how most people. (In fact, if you want to pay less than what most people pay – you HAVE to think differently than them 😉
You can find out more about my philosophy at jgoot.com/faq and jgoot.com/blog.
I’d recommend starting with the blog post entitled:  This site is not for you if…
Happy travels!