Justgetoutoftown.com’s trip-alert service is a paid subscription-based service.  We email 3 to 5 daily opportunities of flights and flight+hotel combinations we have determined to be a minimum of 50% to 90% below market value.

By default, all trip-alert subscriptions renew yearly until your subscription is canceled in writing via email.

Cancel Any Time Policy:
You can cancel your subscription at any time by replying to any email received. We will cancel your subscription, will send written confirmation by the next business day, and you will receive written confirmation by the next business day.

By default, cancelation requests of annual subscriptions will cancel the next renewal payment, and subscriber will have access to our trip-alerts service through the end of the agreed upon subscription period.

7-day free trial period:
Your first 7 days as a premium subscriber are completely free. At the end of 7 days, unless you have emailed a written request to cancel your subscription, you will automatically be billed for the annual subscription you agreed to.

If you decide our service is not a fit for you during the first 7 days of your subscription, reply to any email from us, or send an email to “cancel@justgetoutoftown.com“.  Your request will be considered delivered immediately and will be processed no later than the next business day. In the event you request cancelation on the 29th day and are billed before we are able to process your request, we will process that refund immediately.

Refund requests:
All subscriptions are annual contracts and canceling during your 7-day trial is as easy as sending an email.

Refund requests for subscription payments that were not canceled in writing before 7-day trial completed will be charged a processing fee of $20, will be charged $15 per month of use, and will be refunded any difference remaining from the annual fee by the next business day.

Annual renewal refund requests:
If you are an annual subscriber and you did not intend to renew your subscription for an additional year – you have 30 days from any billing to cancel and request a refund. Your fee will be refunded in full – and your processing fee will be waived.

“If we fail to cancel your subscription, we’ll send you a travel discount card worth $300” policy:
We are human, and occasionally – we might make a mistake. If you ever get accidentally charged after you requested cancelation, forward a copy of your initial cancelation request. We’ll handle it much faster than contacting your credit card company (and we’ll also send a $300 travel discount card as a way of saying “sorry for the inconvenience!”.)

Auto-renewal until you cancel your subscription:
Your subscription will auto-renew at the intervals described on your signup page until you cancel your subscription in writing. (You can reply to any email received from us to cancel future renewals, or you can email us directly at cancel@justgetoutoftown.com)

All requests to cancel and/or refund MUST be in writing.
You can reply to any email you’ve received from us, or send an email to “cancel@justgetoutoftown.com”. We handle all cancellation and refund requests no later than the next business delay.

One final note:
Contacting your credit card company to request a refund without first emailing Just Get Out Of Town first is a violation of these terms of service. Without written proof that you complied with these terms of service to cancel and/or get a refund you may experience significant delays, or the bank might deny your request entirely. Email us directly with any cancel/refund requests, and we will make every effort to make your cancel/refund process as convenient and as quick as possible.