Having password problems?  Here are several things to try.

1 of 3 things to try: Whenever you log in, be sure to check the “Remember me” checkbox. Doing so should mean you never have to log in again from that device.

2) If you forgot your password, use your “Lost your password?” link. If your “change password” email it doesn’t come through within 20 minutes, check your “spam/bulk/promotions” folder. (Very important: Be sure to wait for the email to be sent. Many subscribers send two requests because the first request took too long and end up using the wrong “reset password” link.)

If you keep getting logged out, out be sure to check that your browser’s security settings are not set too strict, and that you are not clearing cookies from JustGetOutOfTown.com (that’s what keeps you logged in.)


3) If you are getting a page that looks like the screen below and you see “Howdy [yourname]! in the top right corner – you’re logged in.

Something about your browser’s settings redirected you to a page you don’t need to use, and I apologize for the inconvenience.  Simply use the “visit site” link in the top right and you should be fine.


If all else fails, email me at joel@jgoot.com or call me at 303-906-8790