“What deals do you have to __[insert city here]__?”  This is by far the #1 question we get. To find any deals to a specific location, you can either use the “search” feature (video here), or the category links (video here.)  If it’s not there, we don’t have it.

When it comes to finding prices to a specific place at a specific time, we don’t offer that service because

  1. that’s what every major travel site (and every travel agency) does already, and
  2. that’s not how we find the amazing deals that we find.

We search the same sites you do and we can’t find anything different than you can find when we’re limited to such specific criteria. When you see a deal you like on our site, it should be long enough in advance for you to schedule your vacation around it, but if you’re looking for travel to a specific place at a very specific time, our site is probably not the best resource for you.

“If all of these fares are available online, why should I pay you to access them?”  You don’t have to pay us at all.

  • Yes, all deals we post are publicly available, and you can find them yourself if you spend the same 30 to 60 hours of research a month that we spend finding them.
  • If you use our free updates as a primer for your vacation search, you can cut that time down to 5 to 10 hours a month and you’re welcome to do so for as long as you like for free.
  • Our paid membership will cut that time down to 10 or 20 minutes a month because all you have to do is open an email. When a deal we share interests you, everything you need to research further and book your trip is at your fingertips.
  • Something else you’re paying for is to get about a dozen deals that are so good we would be doing a disservice if we posted them to the public site. If we did that,  20,000+ free subscribers would instantly buy up those trips, and drive prices up for everyone else.
  • We think our nominal fee is a small price to pay for the convenience and savings we offer. If you disagree, you are more than remain a free subscriber, or use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any emails we send.

“Are all of your posts per person, or do you ever include rates per couple.”  To avoid confusion, we never include couple-prices, but we do assume double-occupancy in our package prices.  Since we include airfare (which is almost always per-person), as well as hotels (which are almost always per room), every price in our headlines is on a per-person basis and it assumes double occupancy.  If you’re a solo traveler, you can assume package prices will be 10% to 25% more.  If you’re traveling with 3 or 4 and are all sharing a room, you can assume package prices will be 10% to 25% less per person.

“How do I book a trip?”

  • Once you are a premium member, just click any of the links provided, call us, or email us to inquire further.

“Do all trips include round-trip airfare?” Yes. Simply click any of the links provided to verify that fares are not yet sold out. (This youtube video addresses that question.)

“What all-inclusive options do you have?” We include links  to all-inclusive flight/resort packages for every vacation posted in the premium member area. Not all destinations have all-inclusive options, but if any are available, they are one click away.

“What about first-class and business class fares?” Links for first/business class fare are always included, but are never quoted since the majority of our readers do not travel in business/first.

“What about nicer hotels?”  Results are sorted by price, and as a premium member – you can scroll down until you see a hotel package that suits your needs.  (We also include a 1-click option for best package prices for 4 & 5-star hotels for all premium members’ convenience.)

“Do I have to fly myself somewhere else to take advantage of these fares/packages?” No. All prices we include are for round-trip flights that originate in your home-city. (This youtube video addresses that question.)

“What is a reverse-search?”  This is another premium feature. If you’ve got a long-lost friend or family member in one of the areas we find a great rate to fly to, odds are, that friend could also find a similar fare and fly to you. So you’ve got two choices:

  1. You could grab a cheap flight and go visit them.
  2. If you don’t want to invite yourself to visit them, you could invite them to visit you.  By clicking on the “reverse-search” link, you can see if that same cheap fare exists from their city to yours (Odds are, it does. That’s why we started including that link.)

What does “PP” mean? PP stands for “Per Person”. All hotel/flight packages I mention are per person, and when I mention package prices, I assume two travelers. Of course, if you go alone, your daily package price will be higher. If you travel with 3 or 4, it will be less. (If you fly alone, airfares should be the same regardless of number of travelers.)

“Are these prices guaranteed?” Definitely not. We just post the deals as we find them on the web, they are first-come-first served, and are usually only available at that price for the first 6 to 8 seats sold. (Sometimes prices go up after just 2 seats are sold).   In fact, the only guarantee is that the fares we post will go up as soon the airline decides they’ve sold enough seats at that price.

Finally, whether you are a free member, or a premium member, here is a short video describing 5 things you can count on from us with every single deal we post to the site. Please click here to watch it. It will answer 80% of the questions I got asked before I had to cut off email support in the free member area.

If you’d like to become a premium member to unlock dozens of resources, all pricing details, and many hidden fares never posted to the site, click here.