Here are some answers.

Is this a scam? +

You got me.

Instead of a sophisticated scam where I get you to pay me thousands of dollars for a trip that doesn't exist...

I charge as little as $8 a month for a service that saves you 10 to 20 hours per month, and I send you straight to reputable sites like Travelocity & Expedia - where you can book the trip yourself through them.

Within twenty years, I'll have conned you out of enough eight dollar payments to run off to a private island Caribbean and retire.

Seriously though - If you're concerned that my fare-finding service is a scam, I welcome you to remain a free subscriber until you're 100% convinced otherwise.

Why should I pay you to find info I can find for free? +

You are never under any obligation to upgrade.

If you don't want to pay for the convenience of having instant access to the deals we find, you are welcome to search for those trips during the months I told you they are available. (Instructions are in every email I send.)

Just know that to protect my premium members from the trips selling out, they have 3 day advance notice on all trip alerts. (But have no fear! 20% to 30% of the trips I share with premium subscribers are still up for grabs by the time you get them as a free subscriber!)

Hear from other premium subscribers who offloaded the grunt-work of finding travel deals to me, and are now traveling more and spending less.

How do I know these trips are real? +

The best way to verify these fares are real is to find them yourself online.

Here is a quick video showing you how to find them both as a free subscriber, as well as a premium subscriber.

What are mistake fares? +

Starting as early as 10 months before a flight, airlines have algorithms that tell them if they're under-sold for that period of time.

For example, if two flights to a specific destination are a few seats shy of being 15% full 10 months before a flight, they significantly drop the price of both flights to fill those seats in a hurry. If they don't fill those seats, they'll combine both flights into one - which is costly.

They repeat the same procedure 8 months, 6 months, 4 months, and even 1 month before a flight.

We focus solely on finding those opportunities, and I only publish fares if we feel they are at least 50% below normal prices.

There are often mistake fares discounted by 30% or 40%, but we ignore those. (We have a different strategy for any flights that are more expensive than 50% below normal prices.)

Do I have to pay a commission? +

Good question. We don't make a dime off of any trip you book.

By definition, mistake fares are so discounted - that even if we were travel agents (we're not) - we couldn't even compete with the fares we send you if we worked for free.

WHY? Because sites like Travelocity & Expedia have done to travel agents what Wal Mart has done to "mom & pop" small-town stores.

We don't make commissions on the trips we send you (because there aren't any). Our only compensation comes from doing a good job at FINDING deeply discounted trips on a daily basis - and giving you the tools to go and book them yourself.

Do I have to travel on the dates you suggest? (Never) +

You can ALWAYS shorten, lengthen, or entirely change the dates I suggest - often for a similar price to what I found. (I just include suggested dates for your convenience.)

The key is to find a similar price to the price I found. Here's a video showing you how.

Double-click video below to view in full-screen.

How do I book one of these trips? +

I'm not a travel agent so I can't book trips for you, but booking any trip I send you is on major travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia, and is quite easy (as long as it's still available.)

Here is 2 minute video with more detail.


Click on the bottom right corner to view in full-screen.

How can I change hotels? +

You have dozens (if not hundreds) of choices when choosing your hotel.

Here is a 90 second video with 5 quick & easy examples.


What is a "reverse search/friends & family" link? +

"Reverse search" is one of my favorite premium member features...

If you've got a long-lost friend or family member in one of the areas we find a great rate to fly to, odds are, that friend could also find a similar fare and fly to you. So you've got two choices:

  1. Grab a cheap flight and go visit them.
  2. If you don't want to invite yourself to visit them, you could invite them to visit you.  By clicking on the "reverse-search" link, you can quickly see if that same cheap fare exists from their city to yours (Odds are, it does. That's why I include that link with every trip you receive.)
Are your fares guaranteed? +

Absolutely not.

I just find the deals, and almost every one of them only has 6 to 8 seats at that price.

The only guarantee is that they will sell out - usually within days. Once that happens, they will revert to 30% to 300% higher than the price I found.

(Of course, if you are fortunate to grab the fare before it sells out - that fare is guaranteed subject to the terms of the travel provider you purchase your trip with.)


How do I cancel my membership? +

There are cancellation instructions at the bottom of every "Daily Summary" email you receive.

Feel free to reply to any email you receive if you have a problem.

What are the details with the 200% money back guarantee? +

I stand behind all fare alerts with a 200% guarantee.

Take your first full year to find a fare that is less expensive than what I've sent you. If you find one, book it, send me a receipt, and I'll refund 200% of your most recent subscription fee.

How can you offer lodging vouchers worth 100x more than your subscription fee? +

I understand your concern.  Here's the deal:

Except during common holidays, very few hotels are ever 100% sold-out.

Rather than letting the room go empty, they sell vouchers to small travel businesses like me for a fraction of the cost so I can help them fill those rooms.

Although the hotel doesn't get revenue from you for the room itself, you still buy their food, drinks, souvenirs, book excursions, and tip their staff.

It's a win-win for everyone. (Most importantly - you.)

Timeshare presentations are never required, sometimes there are some age/availability restrictions, and typically, and all you have to pay is taxes and resort fees.  You can always read the fine-print before booking your trip.

Are you a travel agent? +

Contrary to common belief - I am not a travel agent.

When you find yourself in a bind and flights to a specific place at a specific time are several hundred dollars more than you want to pay - there isn't much I can do for you using traditional travel methods.

If you have some flexibility on when/where you want to go, you're almost certain to find something with the mistake fares I find.

When it comes to traveling to specific places at specific times, you have three choices

  1. Plan on paying a lot more than you want to pay.
  2. Plan on spending a lot of time trying to hunt down better deals.
  3. Plan 3 or 4 months ahead and read this free report.
Do your prices include round-trip airfare? +

To clarify - these are not "my trips", and I benefit in no way when you book any of these trips.

But yes... Unless I state otherwise, every trip I share with you assumes round-trip airfare.

Simply click any of the links provided to verify that fares are not yet sold out. (This youtube video addresses that question.)

Do I have to use frequent flyer points for these trips? +

None of the mistake fares on our site require use of frequent flyer points.

Using points is just an optional strategy we recommend for booking any flights that are more expensive than 50% of normal market prices.

We actually do the math on every mistake fare we share, we assume a minimum value of $.01 per point, and and have determined our fares to be better deals than using frequent flyer points.

All mistake fares we recommend to our subscribers can be purchased through major travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, and sometimes the airlines themselves.


I travel alone. How much more will these trips cost me? +

Despite my prices that assume two travelers, solo travelers rarely pay much more on a per-person basis.

If you're just booking a flight, you might even pay less.

If you're booking a flight and hotel, you'll likely pay 5% to 30% more than the price I found - mostly depending on the hotel you choose.

What does "PP" stand for? +

PP stands for "Per Person". All hotel/flight packages I mention are per person, and when I mention package prices, I assume two travelers.Of course, if you go alone, your daily package price will be higher. If you travel with 3 or 4, it will be less. (If you fly alone, airfares should be the same regardless of number of travelers.)

Do you have all-inclusive options? +

I don't research all inclusive hotels, but I do include links for your convenience.

By taking advantage of the 50% to 90% discounted flights I share with you, you'll drastically cut your overall travel budget so it never hurts to see what all-inclusive options are available during the travel dates I suggest.

Do you have business class fares? +

Links for first/business class fare are always included for premium subscribers.  We don't quote business class prices, but...

If the coach fare I share with you is 50% to 90% discounted, business class fares are usually heavily discounted as well. I include a convenient business class link for all premium subscribers so checking business fares are only a click away.

Why don't you book individual trips? +

When your options are narrowed to going to a specific time at a specific place, I have bad news for you. Unless you're really lucky - your flight is going to cost $.06 to .12 per mile.

The JGOOT way means never paying more than $.05, but it takes planning.

When you have to go to a specific place at a specific time, I have three things to say:

  1. Plan a minimum of 3 months ahead (4 or 5 is better)
  2. Read this report and use it for ANY flights more expensive than $.05 per mile.
  3. If you don't follow steps 1 and 2 - I can't find anything better than what you'll find on Travelocitiy, Expedia, etc.
Do I have to fly to another airport to get the fare you published? +

No. JGOOT is territory-based, meaning all prices we include are for round-trip flights that originate in your home-city.

Here are 5 things you can count on with every trip update I send.

(Double-click to watch video in full-screen.)

Can I join when I'm ready to plan my next trip? +

The trips I find are not trips you plan for.

  • When you can fly across the country to visit a family member for $39...
  • When you check Hawaii off your bucket list with a flight in the low $300's...
  • When you can take your kids' grandparents with you because it costs less than what you had budgeted for just you & the kids...

You grab the flight, you adjust your plans accordingly, you travel more, and you spend less. WAY less.

But you're welcome to remain a free subscriber as long as you like.

PS - Every one of the examples above are actual trips subscribers have booked, and none of them were trips they sought out.

I changed my mind after upgrading. Can I get a refund? +

I offer free access to the basic version of my service for as long as you need to feel comfortable with "The JGOOT Way" of travel.

If you are concerned that you might not be satisfied with my premium service or think you might change your mind about your travels, I recommend either choosing a short-term subscription, or just sticking with the free version.

Given the fact that you are welcome to use my free subscription as long as you like, there are strictly no refunds on upgraded subscriptions (including if the reason you joined was to book a specific trip on the free site, and it happens to be gone by the time you sign up. See my FAQ about all fares having limited seating, and not being guaranteed.)