Here are some answers.

Why should I pay you to find info I can find for free? +

I'm not claiming to be any better than you at finding travel deals... Just more persistent.

I'll find them for you on a daily basis so you won't miss that "so good it's gone in hours" deal on the day you decided you didn't have time to look for a travel deal.

Don't take my word for it though... Hear from other premium subscribers who offloaded the grunt-work of finding travel deals to me, and are now traveling more and spending less.

Do I have to travel on the dates you suggest? (Never) +

You can ALWAYS shorten, lengthen, or entirely change the dates I suggest - often for a similar price to what I found. (I just include suggested dates for your convenience.)

The key is to find a similar price to the price I found. Here's a video showing you how.

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How do I book one of these trips? +

I'm not a travel agent so I can't book trips for you, but booking any trip I send you is easy (as long as it's still available.)

Here is 2 minute video with more detail.


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How can I change hotels? +

You have dozens (if not hundreds) of choices when choosing your hotel.

Here is a 90 second video with 5 quick & easy examples.


Do your prices include round-trip airfare? +

To clarify - these are not "my trips", and I benefit in no way when you book any of these trips.

But yes... Unless I state otherwise, every trip I share with you assumes round-trip airfare.

Simply click any of the links provided to verify that fares are not yet sold out. (This youtube video addresses that question.)

What is a "reverse search/friends & family" link? +

"Reverse search" is one of my favorite features...

If you've got a long-lost friend or family member in one of the areas we find a great rate to fly to, odds are, that friend could also find a similar fare and fly to you. So you've got two choices:

  1. Grab a cheap flight and go visit them.
  2. If you don't want to invite yourself to visit them, you could invite them to visit you.  By clicking on the "reverse-search" link, you can quickly see if that same cheap fare exists from their city to yours (Odds are, it does. That's why I including that link with every trip you receive.)
Are your fares guaranteed? +

Absolutely not.

I just find the deals, and almost every one of them only has 6 to 8 seats at that price.

The only guarantee is that they will sell out - usually within days. Once that happens, they will revert to 30% to 300% higher than the price I found.

(Of course, if you are fortunate to grab the fare before it sells out - that fare is guaranteed subject to the terms of the travel provider you purchase your trip with.)


I travel alone. How much more will these trips cost me? +

Despite my prices that assume two travelers, solo travelers rarely pay much more on a per-person basis.

If you're just booking a flight, you might even pay less.

If you're booking a flight and hotel, you'll likely pay 5% to 30% more than the price I found - mostly depending on the hotel you choose.

What does "PP" stand for? +

PP stands for "Per Person". All hotel/flight packages I mention are per person, and when I mention package prices, I assume two travelers.Of course, if you go alone, your daily package price will be higher. If you travel with 3 or 4, it will be less. (If you fly alone, airfares should be the same regardless of number of travelers.)

Do you have all-inclusive options? +

I don't research all inclusive hotels, but I do include links for your convenience.

By taking advantage of the 50% to 90% discounted flights I share with you, you'll drastically cut your overall travel budget so it never hurts to see what all-inclusive options are available during the travel dates I suggest.

Do you have business class fares? +

For the record - none of these trips are "mine", and I benefit in no way from you booking any trip (whether coach, or business class.) With that said...

Links for first/business class fare are always included, but are never quoted since the majority of my readers do not travel in business/first.

However - if the coach fare I share with you is 50% to 90% discounted, business class fares are usually heavily discounted as well so it's always worth a check. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Why don't you book individual trips? +

Trips to specific places at specific times almost always cost $.08 to $.12 per mile flown (round-trip), and I will not waste my time, or my subscribers' time, paying that much for a flight ever again.

I teach my subscribers how to NEVER pay more than $.06 per mile for a flight (and often as little as half a penny per mile (round-trip.)

Become a premium subscriber, and the trips you find on JGOOT will be the most expensive trips you ever take.

Don't take my word for it though. See what other premium subscribers have to say.

Do I have to fly to another airport to get the fare you published? +

No. JGOOT is territory-based, meaning all prices we include are for round-trip flights that originate in your home-city.

Here are 5 things you can count on with every trip update I send.

(Double-click to watch video in full-screen.)

Can I join when I'm ready to plan my next trip? +

The trips I find are not trips you plan for.

  • When you can fly across the country to visit a family member for $39...
  • When you check Hawaii off your bucket list with a flight in the low $300's...
  • When you can take your kids' grandparents with you because it costs less than what you had budgeted for just the three of you...

You grab the flight, you adjust your plans accordingly, you travel more, and you spend less.

No pressure though. You're welcome to wait to start collecting more travel stories as long as you like. 😉