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  • Spend less time hunting down travel deals
  • Be able to take a family of four on vacation for less than what most people pay for a single person
  • Take more vacations (or go to cooler places for the same budget)
  • Visit friends & family for less than the cost of driving there
  • Fly friends or family to visit you for less than the cost of them driving
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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Shannon Campbell
    Shannon Campbell

    Just get out of town has changed the way I look for a vacation. It is so much easier than trying to do all of the leg work yourself. I am so glad I chose to become a lifetime premium member. Don’t worry about the cost of the membership. It will pay for itself with the savings from your first vacation. Thank you JGOOT!

  • Our lifetime subscription has paid for itself 5 times over. We’re headed to the beach tonight to celebrate our anniversary thanks to one of your emails! (Not to mention trips to Paris, Cancun, the East Coast, etc.)

  • Daniel Streske
    Daniel Streske

    I love it! In the last two years, using this site and with Joel’s personal help, I’ve visited South Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Poland, Czeck Republic, Mexico (twice), China, Netherlands, Denmark and my upcoming trip in Sept will take me to South Africa, Bulgaria, Qatar, France and Italy.

    My family is in Chicago, so we’ve had several cheap trips there. one was a family of four for under $300. For FOUR PEOPLE! Fort Lauderdale twice, once for under $400 forĀ four. I literally couldn’t walk to Florida for under a hundred bucks, I’d burn up more money in shoes and water.

    Before joining and upgrading memberships, I honestly didn’t know any of this could be done. I thought Europe was a thousand bucks round trip, minimum. Then before I know it, we’re drinking amazing wine for $2 a glass in Malaga, Spain and plowing through free tapas in Granada, the flight was under $300 round trip. My girl and I went to Cancun for $180 per person. The money we saved on that one trip would easily buy a lifetime membership. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about JGOOT. Happy travels!

    Daniel’s Facebook Page

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