Can I get a refund if I change my flight?

Can I get a refund if I change my flight? Can I get a refund if the airline cancels or changes my flight?

Coronavirus, Travel, & Social Responsibility

I’ve gotten a lot of heavy criticism from subscribers stating that I’m irresponsibly encouraging travel during this critical time and I wanted clear a couple of things up for anyone who might feel the same. To be clear: I completely agree with the social distancing that is going on. Given what we know about the […]

“I refuse to fly Spirit Airlines”

We got this email from a subscriber who wished to cancel her premium trip-alert subscription with us. Although all subscribers can cancel any time with no questions asked, I thought I’d address her feedback in case you have similar concerns yourself.

5 ways to get $1000 to $12,000 out of 5 minutes of work

Yesterday, a free subscriber emailed stating she likes the idea of our service but can’t afford to upgrade. She said she can only afford to travel out of necessity for things like weddings/funerals, etc. I was covering for Brooke (our AMAZING customer-support person), and I basically said – “If you only travel out of necessity, […]

How does JGOOT work? Are these fares real?!?

Hi there,   If you’re reading this – you might be wondering how I’ve been able to take over 20 trips for what I used to pay for just 4 or 5 trips.  I’ve got a few tips below that should help! I also noted those tips in my video which you can click on […]

why do we travel?

I was sitting in a dive bar in Kentucky… because as my fellow JGOOter Lee once said – no good story ever started with “so we were having a salad”.…  and I was drinking a Bourbon. I don’t often drink Bourbon, but this was Kentucky after all; had to be done. Birthplace of Bourbon. Best […]

Nothing like stealing $2 million with a worthless hand in poker

In a poker TV show called Shark Cage, they pit various celebrities against actual poker pros. (It’s like Dancing with the Stars, but with poker players). The majority of hands are pretty boring and get edited out because most players fold most of the hands they get. But in one very exciting hand – Sara […]

Webinar Recording: JGOOT Lunch and Learn

Watch this member-only video where we discuss various ways to travel for 50% to 95% less with a few simple changes (I call it the “Triangle of Travel”, and I reference it quite a bit in the webinar. Here is a link to that blog post.) Don’t want to watch the whole video?  Feel free […]

Can’t find the prices we’re finding? Watch this video.

I get multiple emails a day from people stating that they can’t find the same prices we’re finding – sometimes within hours of us sending the alert. Although sometimes the prices do go back up that fast, most times – they’re still available for at least a few days. Here is a quick video covering […]

A lesson that had NOTHING to do with travel, but EVERYTHING to do with travel

I’m sitting here on a plane returning from my last trip of 2019 thinking what an awesome year it has been (and was so impacted – I had to share so I typed most of this post out on my phone.)