You’ll probably see the term “OTA” referenced throughout the site… I am not a travel agent. I just share the deals I find by linking to the OTAs offering that fare.

OTA stands for “online travel agency”. When clicking on the links I provide, you’re taken to the OTAs offering the fare we found and you can book directly through them.

OTAs we link to include:

  • We also link to the airlines directly in some cases (And so does Kayak)

2 thoughts on “OTA”

  1. Hi.. I am a life member. Due to professional reasons I am planning to move to NY region, so I want the deals to be from NY airport instead of IND airport..

    How can this be done??

    1. Hey Zack!

      Just send a request to [email protected], let us know what territory you’re currently in, what territory you’d like to be changed to, and we’ll take it from there.

      Thanks for your support and helping us share “The JGOOT Way” with the world!

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