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Curing Workaholism - One Affordable Trip At A Time

I’m Joel McDonald. My small team & I are on a mission to cure workaholism one affordable trip at a time.

Unlike major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), we refuse to clutter up the internet with every single travel deal out there. Instead, we find trips so unbelievably affordable that our subscribers can’t help but find a way to work less… and travel more.


Find out why.

Glitches In The Algorithm

Airlines manage millions of different flights a day, and Online Travel Agencies manage billions of combinations of flights/hotels.

Every day, there are glitches in their algorithms, and we make it our job to find them. Most glitch fares are far better than typical airline sales, and we share them exclusively with our premium subscribers who would rather pay us a few cents a day – than do all of that work themselves.

Not an OTA

We’re not an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and we refuse to clutter up our website with millions of mediocre travel deals for you to weed through.

If you’ve got your heart set on a specific destination at a specific time and you don’t find it on our site – an amazing deal doesn’t exist. (A good deal, maybe, but we don’t waste your time with anything less than amazing deals.) You’re best off either altering your preferences until you find an amazing deal on our site, or contacting the travel agent or OTA of your choice.

Not a travel agency

We are not a travel agency on commission, and we don’t fill your inbox with hat-in-hand hoping to sell you a trip.

You pay us a few cents a day to weed through all the junk and send you only the best-of-the-best travel deals.

When you find a deal that works for you, you can book it through the OTA or travel agent of your choice.

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