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    You’ve got a LOT more available to you here than on the free site.  Below are just some of the more popular features available to you as a premium member. You can find more using the categories above.

    Dozens of Categories

    With so many trips available, we thought we’d help by organizing them into categories.

    A few of the more popular ones can be found using the images below. Dozens more are available using the menu at the top of this page.

    Free Access to Point Hacking 101

    When I can’t find trips that are 40% to 80% below normal prices, I have a stockpile of frequent flyer points that I use for everything else.

    As a JGOOT premium member, you can learn how to do the same for free.

    • Click here to download my quick-start guide and have a stockpile of 100,000 points within the next 60 days.
    • Click here to download my comprehensive point hacking report.
    • Click here to join my member’s only Point Hacking Support Group.

    Free access to a travel agent

    As a premium member, you have full access to our recommended travel agents. (Non-members have to pay a $20 retainer for every inquiry.)

    Simply call 303-351-1036, or fill out this form.

    A Few Popular Categories

    Click on any image below to search for trips in that category.

    Not finding what you’re looking for?

    Although you have access to hundreds of trips categorized dozens of ways, if you have very specific needs, sometimes, you might need a little more customized help. You are welcome to call one of our travel agents if you have very specific ideas on when/where.

    If you are more flexible, and just want to go wherever the best deal is, you could have us do a custom search for you.  As a premium member, you get a 50% discount on all custom-searches. Simply use code “JGOOTpremium” if purchasing a custom-search.

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