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JGOOT In The News

One of JGOOT’s most frequent travelers and I were recently interviewed by Shawn Chitnis at CBS News. Details below. –Joel From DENVER (CBS4) – A travel website specializing in discount deals promises to provide its premium service with hundreds of affordable vacations each month for free to teachers, first responders and anyone working for a nonprofit each time […]

Some of my favorite travel pics “on loan”

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is a cheesy romantic comedy that I could have just as well fast-forwarded all the way to the last two scenes.
But the last two scenes made the whole movie worth while.

If you’ve read my personal story...

The deals Joel finds are difficult to ignore

“I LOVE “Just get out of Town”!! It’s amazing how my perspective of traveling the US has changed.
Before finding this site I thought it was impossible traveling cheap through the US but now… I don’t have any excuse!...

It takes a village. (A “JGOOT Village”)

Got a question about an area you’ll be visiting soon? Have pictures & advice to share from a place you’ve recently been? Want to brag about the price you paid to get there? Introducing JGOOT Village: A free place for travelers to discuss places they’ve been, places they’re going to, and anything else having to […]

“Where/When/How Long/How Much is PERFECT!”

Amazing! I am so glad someone is putting hard work into bringing me deals like these – and all from my home airport! I love the way these are totally customize-able and I can do what portions I want (the flight but not the hotel, or switch out the hotel for a nicer resort or […]

The most important ingredient when making Pho

One of my best friends of over 40 years is an amazing cook. He taught me to make authentic Vietnamese Pho and this weekend, we fixed a big old pot for a bunch of friends. Instead of my normal process of taking 4 or 6 hours to cook the broth over medium...