LAX  data-recalc-dims= Paris, France: Flight & 7 nights: $627- Feb-Apr" title="LAX > Paris, France: Flight & 7 nights: $627- Feb-Apr" style="toggleoff">

* There only appear to be a few seats at this price and availability is spotty. It will take a little digging to find dates other than the dates I found, but at this price, it’s well worth digging for.

Los Angeles to Paris, France: 7 night trip.

Flight Options
Flight Alone: $442. (Normal price: $750.00)
Best price I found: Mon, Mar 04 to Mon, Mar 11.

Lodging options:

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2 thoughts on “LAX > Paris, France: Flight & 7 nights: $627- Feb-Apr”

  1. What are some good deals around May 28-June 4 2019?
    Trying to go to Paris to catch a day at the French Open and some sightseeing.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      That’s a very specific date range and a very specific region – which is not how we suggest finding trips if you’re looking for the best price possible.

      I suggest reading the tips at and to make the most of your JGOOT subscription.

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