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Types of Trips You’ll Find

"No Cancel" Fare Reductions

Long before a scheduled flight, airlines drastically drop prices on on select seats when under-sold.

These represent far better opportunities than most airline sales.

Glitches in Hotel Rates

Online Travel Agencies manage billions of flight+hotel packages, and we find mistakes in their flight + hotel packages that result in lodging options from $0 to $20 per night.

Commission-Free Trips

We are not on commission, and there is never a need to book through us.

Book any trips we send through the OTA or travel agent of your choice.

What some premium subscribers have to say:

Graham Ahner

I honestly never thought you could leave the country without spending at a minimum $1k-$1500 on a flight alone.

I’m doing an 11 day trip to Colombia that will only cost $700 for flight, lodging, and food/drink, and JGOOT found it for me.

Best membership fee I pay.

Graham Ahner
Carly Gurel

Amazing! I am so glad someone is putting hard work into bringing me deals like these! I love the way these are totally customize-able and I can do what portions I want (the flight but not the hotel, or switch out the hotel for a nicer resort or cheaper Hostel). The setup and “where/when/what/how long/how much?” filters are PERFECT!

Carly Gurel
Daniel Streske

“Joel found me a round-trip flight to Malaga Spain for $290, Cancun for $153, and more.

If you have the slightest bit of flexibility, his site is unreal and has more to offer than any other travel site I’ve found.”

Daniel Streske
Suman Kamath

Just booked a trip! Total price for round-trip premium economy to Calgary came to $280, nonstop, including free baggage. I’m excited to finally get to Banff and Lake Louise!

I also found a good deal on Airbnb using your alternate lodging links.

Thank you!

Suman Kamath
Chris Foland

In addition to extremely affordable trips, Joel’s knowledge on how to get free Uber rides, free meals at the airport, and free companion passes will pay for your subscription fee several times over.

Chris Foland
Steve Silver

Great site. All the legwork of digging for deals is done. Getting out of Dodge next month!!

Steve Silver
Kimberly Jane Younghusband

Awesome places of choice, price, and excellent personal follow up!  Highly recommended. No need for any other site!!

Kimberly Jane Younghusband
Lise Roussin

We are going to Cancun over the Holidays with $200 roundtrip tickets thanks to you!!

Lise Roussin

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Ken & Cyn Hack

Move over Kayak, Expedia, Price Line …….

JGOOT is smashing all deals I’m getting from other travel sites!

Well done….. If we bumped into you guys – DRINKS ON US!

Ken & Cyn Hack
Lauren Wolff

“Here I thought I was a savvy traveler, but damn!! Best deals I’ve ever seen! It is so hard to be responsible and not go on every trip posted!”

Lauren Wolff
Kailee Henson

We just booked flights to London in March and we got an amazing deal based off that email you sent ($325 round-trip). Your AirBnb links helped us find a hotel that kept us well within our budget.

We haven’t had a proper vacation in 10 years, so we’re super excited!


Kailee Henson
Nikki Sandschaper

I love watching the deals come in!

As a travel-obsessed parent and a teacher, I am thrilled that I can search for deals during school breaks!

We found such a great deal to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico over the Winter holidays that we took the grandparents too! Thank you!

Nikki Sandschaper

Still have questions?

Can I go to [insert specific place] at [insert specific time] If you’re looking for a specific destination that fits your specific travel schedule and you don’t have much flexibility on dates or destinations, I do not advise that you sign up for JGOOT premium. For your specific travel needs that don’t have much flexibility, I recommend Kayak, Airfarewatchdog, Priceline, or simply calling a travel agent.

Are the prices you publish guaranteed? Unfortunately not.  When you find mistake fares 40% to 90% below normal prices, the only guarantee is that they are bound to go up as soon as 4 to 6 seats sell at that price.  (This is the largest reason most trips I publish are not made available to tens of thousands of JGOOT free subscribers.)

Do you have a money back guarantee? No, but you are welcome to use the free subscription until you know my service is a fit for you. Free trip alerts are identical to premium alerts with a few exceptions:

  • Premium members get far more trip alerts than free members – drastically increasing their odds of finding a trip that works for them.
  • Of the alerts free subscribers do get, premium members got them 24 hours earlier, so trip prices last longer.
  • Premium members have 57 different categories they can use to quickly find trips they’re looking for. (Due to the limited number of trip alerts in the free section, free subscribers are limited to just scrolling through the most recent trips posted.

Happy travels!
Joel McDonald – Founder
Still have questions? Call me direct: 303-906-8790

Still reading?

Click here for some words from Daniel Streske – a fan who has milked his JGOOT subscription for all its worth. (Warning this is a (mostly) unedited personal letter to Joel, and contains a lot of profanity.)

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