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Hi, I'm Joel McDonald & this is my wife Michelle.

Our friends call us "Jochelle."

We discovered "The JGOOT Way" of travel in 2015 when I stumbled across mysteriously low $192 fill fares to Aruba (during peak season!) It turns out, these types of deals are called "remnant seats" and happen all the time. They're not "last minute fares", they're often direct flights, and they rarely require redeye travel.

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    Joel changed my life & his premium subscription has paid for itself 100 times over. Pay the guy for premium. It has more to offer than any other travel site I’ve found.
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    I just don’t have time to scour the internet for travel deals. Besides, the deals Joel finds are 1/3 the cost of what I find on my own.
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    I honestly never thought you could leave the country without spending at a minimum $1k-$1500 on a flight alone. I’m doing an 11 day trip to Colombia that will only cost $700 for flight, lodging, and food/drink, and JGOOT found it for me. Best membership fee I pay.
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    Amazing! I am so glad someone is putting hard work into bringing me deals like these! I love the way flights & lodging options are totally customize-able. The setup and “where/when/what/how long/how much?” filters are PERFECT!

Since discovering how to find remnant seats on a regular basis, we had to share them with friends/family from various places around the country, and JGOOT (Just Get Out Of Town) was born.

A few friends joined us for "friendcations" in Turks and Caicos, we've flown to visit countless friends & family around the country, and we've let friends know about cheap fares to visit us here in Colorado. (All thanks to the amazingly cheap fares we find.)

How cheap? Just a few of the places friends and subscribers have visited include: $192 to Aruba, $110 to Cabo, $96 to Turks & Caicos, $29 to Indianapolis, $39 to Los Angeles, $154 to Cancun, $160 to Puerto Rico, $11 to Ohio to visit family, and one of our best deals - $22 to Kauai, Hawaii (The people sitting right next to us paid over $1300 each).

What are remnant seats?

As early as 10 months before a scheduled flight, airlines sometimes find themselves under-sold, and if they don't sell a few more seats by a certain deadline, they'll have to cancel the flight (which can be quite expensive).

To avoid canceling flights, the airlines have a "flash sale" and knock anywhere from 50% to 90% off of the price. This usually only happens for a handful of seats and after a few days, prices go back to normal.

You never know when or where remnant seats will pop up. But if you watch for them every day, you can occasionally snatch one up, have plenty of advance notice to plan around those dates, and save mind-boggling amounts of money.

By the way...

  • Remnant seats are not last-minute fares (They're often available as early as 10 months before a flight)
  • They're often direct flights
  • They rarely require travel during redeye hours
  • They happen just as often during peak-season as off-season.

What's the catch?

Your subscription is completely free and you can remain a free subscriber as long as you like.

The only "catch" is that after you've "kicked the tires" with your free subscription, I'll request that you join our premium trip-alert service (which gets about 20 times as many trip-alerts). Why? Because I'm not a travel agent, and I'm not on commission. I have a team who hunts down these deals 7 days a week, and the only way I'm able to cover those costs by charging a small subscription fee.

No rush though.  We'll tell you more about that after you've had a chance to check out the free subscription.

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  • Jenny Fochek Jenny Fochek
    I just saved $1332 booking my airfare to Costa Rica with my husband. Ya think I got my JGOOT money’s worth??
  • Tammie Alicia Tammie Alicia
    I haven’t seen my Dad in two years, but am flying to FL to visit him next month thanks to your $39 [round-trip] fare alert.
  • Kailee Henson Kailee Henson
    We went to London and got an amazing deal based off that email you sent ($325 round-trip).  We haven’t had a proper vacation in 10 years, so we’re super excited.  Thanks!
  • Nikki Sandschaper Nikki Sandschaper
    As a travel-obsessed parent and a teacher, I am thrilled that I can search for deals during school breaks!We found such a great deal to Cabo over the Winter holidays that we took the grandparents too! Thank you!

Fair Warning:

Remnant fares are NOT trips you find by looking to go to a specific place at a specific time. (We have a different solution for that.)

They are trips that are so good, you plan ahead and plan AROUND them to take advantage of the low rates.  

If you can can plan 3 to 9 months ahead to take advantage of a deal as much as 90% less than what you would have expected to pay - remnant fares can be the most affordable way you've ever traveled.

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