FLL > New York, New York: $75 round-trip – Jan-Mar

Have friends or family in New York? Grab this cheap flight and visit them, or check out the reverse search link below and invite them for a visit!

* This is a “fare dump” with a few alternate dates available.

Fort Lauderdale to New York, New York: 4 night trip. (But can be changed.)
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Flight Options
Best price I found: Thu, Feb 06 to Mon, Feb 10.
Flight Alone: $75. (Normal price: $380.00)

Lodging options:
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Vouchers below are an included benefit of being a premium member, and are provided in case you don’t like any options with lodging options above. They are provided by a third party other than Just Get Out Of Town, and Just Get Out Of Town assumes no responsibility for fulfillment of said vouchers. Feel free to take advantage if it coincides with your travels, but thoroughly read the terms and conditions to make sure it is a fit for you.

The above option is for 7 days and costs approximately $55 per night due to being higher quality hotels. If you don’t need 7 nights, the following voucher is good for 1 to 4 nights at various hotels in the NY area. Certificate provider guarantees quality of these hotels to be a minimum of 3 stars, and taxes/mandatory fees are approximately $12 to $33 per night.


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